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JLD612 Temperature Controller

JLD612 Temperature Controller

JLD612 Temperature Controller with Premium Stainless-Steel Waterproof PT100 RTD Temperature Sensor Probe (Threaded)

This handy little device allows you to monitor temperatures AND take actions based on temperature.  It provides both a relay and an SSR output to turn heating elements or cooling elements on or off based on specific temperatures.  It allows you to separately set the temperature at which the relay activates and deactivates making it an ideal controller for heating and cooling duties.

Key Features of the JLD612 Temperature Controller

  • 3 modes of Auto-Turning with PID Algorithms
  • Dual Display for Set temperature and present temperature
  • Fahrenheit (F) and Celsius(C) -1999 ~ 9999
  • Individually programmable PID control parameters
  • 7 Different Dual Output
  • Support 0.1degree resolution with pt-100 thermocouple
  • Operation Supply Voltage 12-32v
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