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CHAdeMO 50kw DC-DC Charge Station

CHAdeMO 50kw DC-DC Charge Station


This is a 50kW DC to DC CHAdeMO charge station that operates from a DC voltage input supplied by your battery bank.  It does NOT work from the usual 3-phase AC power.  Designed for Solar installations, it also includes a 10kW Maximum Power Point Tracking Charge Controller to charge your battery bank using photovoltaic solar panels.

This powerful unit is ideal for remote locations or residences where 3-phase power is not available.  CHAdeMO 1.0 Compliant and tested with Nissan Leaf, Mitsubishi iMiev, Khia Soul, Tesla (with CHAdeMO adapter) for interoperability.

Battery Input Voltage: 300-400 vdc.
CHAdeMO output Voltage: 50-500 vdc
Maximum Current: 125 amperes
Maximum Power: 50kW
Plug Cable length: 15 feet

Solar Input: 450-600volts
Output: 300-435 volts
Maximum Power: 10kW
Compliance: CE, CHAdeMO, KS, cMETus(MET Listed to UL Standards)
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