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EVTV Custom CAN Gauge Set Yellow

EVTV Custom CAN Gauge Set Yellow

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EVTV Custom CAN J1979 vehicle gauge set EVTV has worked with Speedhut to develop a custom gauge set for use in our Tesla Drive Unit that displays vehicle data received on the Controller Area Network or CAN bus. This gauge set uses standard J1979 CAN Parameter Identifiers or PIDS for speed, rpm, engine coolant temperature, fuel level and auxiliary voltage. But we have modified these gauges to show Electric Vehicle State of Charge (SOC) on the fuel level indicator, inverter temperature on the engine coolant gauge, and pack voltage on the aux 12v gauge. The gauges have been custom printed to show these values and we have scaled those values as appropriate. Additionally, we use the Tachometer for both RPM and AMPS as desired. These gauges can easily be adapted to any CAN based control system on any electric vehicle.

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