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China Aviation Lithium Battery Company

1 CALB CAM80FI LiFePo4 Cell

1 CALB CAM80FI LiFePo4 Cell

CALB CAM80FI Cells. Introduced June, 2014. Higher volumetric and gravimetric density for much smaller lighter packs. As much as 40% smaller and 20% lighter than the CA series cells.

Nominal Voltage: 3.2v
Charging Voltage: 3.65v
Typical Voltage after charge: 3.36v

Capacity: 80 Ah
Height: 127 mm / 5 inches
Width: 173 mm/ 6.8275 inches
Thickness: 47.35mm/1.87 inches
Weight with strap: 2.18kg/4.8 lbs
Volume: 0.8829 liters
Gravimetric Density: 118 Wh/kg
Volumetric Density: 260 Wh/ltr
Cycle Life: >2000
ESR: <1mOhm
Continuous Discharge: 2C - 160 amps
30 Second Discharge: 4C - 320amps
10 Second Discharge 8C -640 amps
Charging Temperature: 0-45C
Discharging Temperature: -20 to 55C

NOTE: The exterior of this cell is aluminum and is tied to the positive terminal of the cell. Battery boxes MUST be insulated and insulation must be installed between each cell in a battery box. Please email us at for shipping quotations

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