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Benling 27cc A/C Scroll Compressor

Benling 27cc A/C Scroll Compressor

This is an excellent electric air conditioning 27cc high precision orbital scroll compressor that runs directly off your high voltage battey pack.  It is available in two voltage ranges:110-200v and 220-400v.  A permanent magnet brushless DC motor features an integral inverter/controller built into a very compact lightweight package.  But it is POWERFUL at up to 15700BTU/hr output at 6000 rpm.  It's also surprisingly quiet at 76 dB noise output.

The control cable uses 12v input, a 12v enable signal, and a 12v 400Hz PWM signal to vary the speed (and cooling power) between 1000 and 6000 rpm.

It is absolutely TINY at 6.3 kilograms
Nominal input voltage: 312 or 144
Nominal input current: 10A or 20A
Volume: 27 cubic centimeters per revolution.
Refrigerant: R134A
Oil charge: 120ml
Rated power: 3.5 kW.
Noise: 76 dBa.
Dimensions: 208 x 125 x 159 mm
Weight: 6.3 kg

3000rpm  1.10kW input power/7300Btu/hr
4000rpm   1.49kW input power / 9900Btu/hr
6000rpm   2.3kW input power /15700Btu/hr cooling


Note: The compressor has compressor oil added. If you need the oil replacement, the oil recommended is POE 68 oil.


Benling DM27A1 Wiring Diagram

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