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1.8 kW Elcon TCCH CAN Controlled Charger 18-66v

1.8 kW Elcon TCCH CAN Controlled Charger 18-66v

This is a great little CAN controlled charger for Tesla Model S Battery Modules.  It can charge from 18 to 66 volts at up to 25 amps and 1.8kw.  Uses either 120vac (700 watts) or 240vac (1800 watts) input.  And so, it is perfect for single modules charging to 25 volts or a 48v system charging to 50 volts.

This is an amazingly hardy little charger with IP67 environmental protection.  Very quiet heat sink fan. Surprisingly small package.

Features a 12v 5.5A output to power BMS or CAN controllers or other devices.  Our Tesla Battery Module control kit will operate this charger automatically in 1S or 2S applications.

AC Input: 85-270vac 45-65 Hz.
DC Output Voltage: 18-66 vdc 
Max DC Output Current: 25 amperes
Max DC Output Power: 1800 watts.
Working Temperature: -35 to +85C
Low Voltage Output: 13.8v 5.5amps
Protection Level: IP67
Vibration: 10-25Hz Amplitude1.2mm,25-500Hz 30m/s2,8hrs per direction

1.8kw TCCH Charger User Manual


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