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Generalized Electric Vehicle Control Unit (GEVCU) Version 7

Generalized Electric Vehicle Control Unit (GEVCU) Version 7

This the latest version of an EVTV open source project to develop both the hardware and software to not only control the DMOC645/Siemens drive train, but virtually any modern AC drive train system once the CAN commands are known. GEVCU7 comes with support for DMOC645, CODA PowerPhase 100, Brusa DMC5, Rinehart Motion PM100, and C300 motor controllers. The GEVCU 7 builds upon and expands the functionality of the GEVCU 6, while retaining the form factor and pinout of the previous generation.

This device serves as a Vehicle Control Unit for any electric vehicle and features very easy to use and very flexible configuration to deal with most throttle and brake combinations you may encounter. It is an extension of the Teensy MicroMod controller and is fully compatible with the Arduino IDE.  It appears as a serial port in that environment and you can write and compile any software to operate this device.

An open source software project already exists at http://github/collin80/GEVCU7 providing fully functional software to drive the DMOC645 and an ever increasing number of other devices. It is quite modular and object oriented allowing C++ skilled users to easily extend the function of this device ad infinitum.

The new GEVCU 7 utilizes a Teensy microcontroller, allowing for increased functionality, as well as an approximately 24x performance increase over the GEVCU6. The GEVCU 7 also has an additional CAN bus over the GEVCU 6, as well as additional analog and digital inputs. The ESP32 board also enables Bluetooth Classic and WiFi functionality, while retaining the Bluetooth LE functionality of the GEVCU 6. A MicroSD card slot has also been added, allowing for long-term data logging and firmware updates.

  • 600 MHz ARM Cortex-M7 CPU
  • 1024 KB RAM
  • 16 MB of Flash memory for code.
  • 8 buffered and protected analog inputs
  • 12 opto-isolated protected digital inputs
  • 8 buffered switched MOSFET outputs capable of up to 2 amps with surge capability to 7 amperes. 
  • 3 total CAN buses including one standard non-isolated, one standard fully isolated, and one non-isolated CAN-FD.
  • Nominal 5V (700ma) and 3.3V (400ma) power output for external sensors.
  • Bluetooth Classic, Bluetooth LE and WiFi connectivity for monitoring and configuration.
  • MicroMod expansion slot to enable additional functionality with future expansion boards.
  • MicroSD card slot for long-term data logging, as well as firmware updates.
  • Support for two serial ports, enabling direct connection to SavvyCan for monitoring and debugging, as well as a native USB Serial Port
  • Retains the 48 Pin Connector and Pinout found on GEVCU 6
  • IP67 Weather Resistant Enclosure


For more information, please check our GEVCU website:

GEVCU 7 Manual

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