Warp 9 Helwig H60 Redtop Brush Kit

Warp 9 Helwig H60 Redtop Brush Kit

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Hellwig H60 RedTop Split brush kit for Netgain Motors Warp 9 Motor.  This kit includes 8 Hellwig H60 brushes pre-radiused for the Netgain Warp 9 Commutator and 8 Nord-Lock zinc coated washers.

The H60 is about 2.5 times harder than the old National K49 brushes and features improved commutation due to the split brush design.  This is the ideal brush for street use. 

The new brushes feature four leads instead of two for higher current ability, a mylar sheith on each lead to avoid case shorts, and a closed terminal connection for maximum seating area. 

Lower carbon dust, longer life, better commutation.  These brushes improve your motor significantly.