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1 UQM Powerphase 100 Motor and Inverter

1 UQM Powerphase 100 Motor and Inverter

The UQM Powerphase 100 Traction System.  These were received from the CODA vehicle bankruptcy and are essentially new, but have no warranty and no manufacturer support.

This package offers the advantages of a small package with light weight and high power that are the hallmark of the modern permanent magnet three phase motor.

300NM Peak Torque
100kW Peak, 60 kW continuous Motor Power
150 ADC Generator Current Output
Full Power 270-425 VDC
Max speed/full performance: 7700
Liquid Cooled

Length: 10.9 in/276 mm
Diameter: 11.25 inches/ 286mm
Weight: 110 lb/ 50 kg
Peak Power:  134 HP 100 kW
Continuous Power: 80HP 60kW
Peak Torque:  221 ft-lb 300 Nm
Continuous Torque: 110 ft-lb 150 Nm
Maximum Speed: 7700 RPM
Maximum Efficiency: 94%
Power Density: 1.22 HP/lb  2.0 kW/kg


Length: 16.49 in / 419mm
Width: 15.49 in / 393 mm
Height: 7.07 in / 180 mm
Weight: 61 lb / 27.7 kg
Nominal Battery Input Range:  300-370 vdc
Operating Voltage Input Range: 270-425 vdc
Minimum Voltage: 230 vdc
Maximum input current: 400A

PWM 3-phase Brushless permanent magnet
IGBT 3 half bridge modules
Switching frequency: 12.5 kHz
Standby Power consumption: 15.6W
Minimum Coolant Flow: 8 liters/minute
Max inlet Temperature: 150F/65C
Max inlet pressure: 30 psig

DSP controlled inverter with sine wave drive. 

CAN bus compatible

PLEASE NOTE. This hardware is NOT the same as that shipped by UQM Corporation as new product with full product support and documentation. These are new units originally built FOR CODA AUTOMOTIVE as an OEM customer and contain custom software built for the Coda production vehicle. We have developed software for the GENERALIZED VEHICLE CONTROL UNIT (GEVCU) to safely and fully operate this custom OEM inverter. But it was made specifically for CODA and varies significantly from the normal UQM product offering.
UQM does not and can not support this hardware because it uses the open source GEVCU control unit to drive it and UQM has no detailed information on the GEVCU. Coda is of course bankrupt. The UQM documentation varies dramatically from the operation of this motor and inverter.
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