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Sandi 10kW High DC Input RackMount True Sine Inverter

Sandi 10kW High DC Input RackMount True Sine Inverter

A 10kW 240vac/120vac isolated inverter for use with a Tesla full battery pack.  This device is amazing.  First, it works from a high voltage DC input of 200-500vdc - perfect for an EV battery.  Second, it has an AC output to match U.S. power panels with L1, L2, N and ground.  This means two 120vac output circuits and a single 240vac circuit - exactly like your power panel. And yes, it is a true sine wave inverter.

It fits in a standard 19 inch rack mount just 10 1/4 inches high. It uses a heavy quality copper low frequency transformer totally isolating your AC side from your DC battery.  Clear readable front panel LCD allows you to set your low voltage cutoff to whatever you like (typically around 300v) to prevent overdischarge of your battery.  But it goes high enough (500v) to handle initial surges from high voltage photovoltaic arrays.  And at a very low price. And it will do 7.5kW for 5 seconds to start even the largest air conditioning load. NOT GRID TIE - off grid inverter. 94% efficient.

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