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EVTV Tesla Model S Battery Module V2 Controller

EVTV Tesla Model S Battery Module V2 Controller

This battery controller, Version 2, uses an Espressif ESP32 chip with Wi-Fi capabilities to monitor Tesla Model S Battery Modules. Broadly, it simulates the BMS management board in a full Tesla Model S battery pack to monitor each of the 16 battery modules in the pack by communicating with BMS boards mounted on each battery module. This controller also features two contactors and a current measurement sensor, along with software to allow you to communicate with up to 32 Tesla Battery Modules and control access to them.

This controller works with either the 6.3kW Model S/X Modules as well as the normal 5.2kW Model S/X that we have traditionally used! Note: the 6.3kW and 5.2kW modules can not be used together.

p.s. This product has include a Raspberry Pi display. If you need an extra Raspberry Pi display, please select from the "Additional Raspberry Pi Battery Display" option.




EVTV V2 Controller User Manual
Raspberry Pi Display User Manual 



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