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China Aviation Lithium Battery Company

CALB 230AH LiFeP04 Battery

CALB 230AH LiFeP04 Battery

Nominal Capacity 100Ah 230Ah
Nominal Voltage 3.2v
Internal Resistance @ 1kHz AC 0.2-0.5mΩ
Charging Allowable Maximum Charging Current Based on SOC & temperature1
Charge Voltage Limit 3.65v
Charging Temperature Limits -5°C ~ 60°C
23°F ~ 140°F
Discharging Maximum Continuous Discharging Current 1C
100 Amps 230 Amps
Pulse Discharging Current; Up to 3 minutes 2C
200 Amps 460 Amps
Pulse Discharging Current; Up to 30 seconds2 3C
300 Amps 690 Amps
Discharge Voltage Limit 2.50v
Discharging Temperature Limits -20°C ~ 55°C
-4°F ~ 131°F
Storage State of Charge 30%
Open Circuit Voltage Correlating to 30% SOC 3.275v – 3.305V
Ambient Temperature Short Term (Up to 1 month) -20°C ~ 45°C
-4°F ~ 113°F
Long Term3 (Up to 1 year) -20°C ~ 25°C
-4°F ~ 77°F
Humidity ≤70%
Physical Characteristics Weight 2.0 kg 4.2 kg
4.4 lbs  9.26lbs
Dimensions Length 160 mm 173.9 mm
6.29 in. 6.85 in.
Width 49.9 mm 53.7 mm
1.96 in. 2.11 in.
Height (Excludes Terminals & Bussing) 116 mm 217.9 mm
4.56 in. 8.58 in.


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