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LEM Flux Gate Current Sensor

LEM Flux Gate Current Sensor


This LEM CANbus current sensor is the ideal sensor for hybrid and electric vehicle battery packs that require very high accuracy current measurement. Fully galvanically isolated, using fluxgate technology, the CAB measures up to +/-400/500A with less that 0.1 % error, and no offset. It operates with 12V battery voltage and communicates through the automotive industry standard CAN bus. Dimensioned for installation within the battery pack and rated for operation in the temperature range from -40 °C to +105°C. Automotive applications : Very high accuracy current monitoring for hybrid and/or electric vehicle battery packs

Key points :
Part: CAB 500-C / SP5
CAN Data Rate: 500 kbps
+/- 400/500A measurement
High overall accuracy
−0.1 % error at room temperature (Typ.)
−0.5 % error over temperature range (±3δ)
Offset below 10mA
12V battery supply
CAN bus communication
Low power consumption
Fully isolated
No losses.


LEM 300-C/CAB500 Libraries and Example code for Arduino Due
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