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Elcon 6.6kW High Voltage Charger

Elcon 6.6kW High Voltage Charger

This is the new 6.6kW output Elcon/TCCH CAN controlled charger for batteries 110 to 440vdc. We were wowed by this in testing. Air cooled, but the fans are so quiet you can hardly hear them. And after 30 minutes at 6500 watts measured output, the heat sink was not even warm to the touch. Very cool. Very efficient. And now in a very OEM style aluminum enclosure with high quality connectors. This device is CAN controlled and our Tesla Full Battery Pack controller will control it perfectly for AC grid supplement of energy to your Tesla full battery pack. OR we suppose you could use it in an EV. This little powerhouse is a tiny 14x9x5 inches and 24 lbs, nearly silent, runs very cool, and puts out the full 6.6kW advertised to charge twice as fast as the previous generation - at half the price. If you are not using our Tesla Battery Pack Controller, you will need the optional TCCH CAN controller.


Elcon 6.6kW Charger Manual. 


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