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ISAscale 500 High Precision CAN Shunt

ISAscale 500 High Precision CAN Shunt

This CAN device measures up to 3 battery pack voltage segments, with full isolation, on packs up to 800v, and is rated for 300 Amp current measurement.  You can run up to 500 amps for up to 10seconds.  Best of all, it reports these three voltages and this highly accurate 0.1% current measurement using standard CAN messages.

But wait, there's more.  Temperature.  Ampere-Hours are accumulated.  kWh are accumulated.  All available by CAN.  This one device essentially IS a Battery Monitoring System.  We found it looking for something that would measure 1000-1300 amps we will encounter with the Tesla Model S Drive Trains.

We found it.

Operating Voltage:  12vdc - 5.5-16.0vdc
Operating Temperature: -40 to 85C
Current Consumption: 20-95 ma
Startup time: 400ms max, 350 ms typical
Isolation: 4kv
CAN Communications: 250k, 500k, 1000k.  Default 500k 2.0A
Max number of units on CAN bus: 6

Nominal Current Range: +/- 500 amps.
Initial accuracy: +/-0.1% of reading
Total Accuracy: +/-0.4% of reading
Offset: 125ma
Linearity: 0.01% of range
Noise: 70ma
Resolution: 47ma

Nominal Measurement Range: +/-600v
Extended Range: +/-800v
Initial Accuracy: 0.1% reading
Offset: 100 mv
Linearity: +/-0.01% of range
Noise: 60mv
Resolution: 30mv

Temperature corrected.

 Also reads temperature.  Accumulates AH and KWH.
Optionally Trigger output with a hardwire input.

ISAscale IVT Module User Manual
ISA scale High Precision CAN Shunt Data Sheet ISA Arduino library files
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