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Tesla Model 3 CAN Monitor BEFORE January 2019

Tesla Model 3 CAN Monitor BEFORE January 2019

Tesla Model 3 CAN Monitor. Models Made BEFORE January 2019

This device is an ESP32 based 240 MHz dual core microcontroller with two CAN ports and both WiFi and Bluetooth BLE wireless connections.  It installs conveniently on the rear lower side of your Tesla Model 3 console using no tools and monitors the Tesla Model 3 Vehicle CAN bus.

You would normally run the free and open source program ESP32 Reverse Engineering Tool (ESP32RET) to make it the most capable CAN adapter in the world.

We use the also free and open source program SAVVYCAN on a laptop to connect to the device either by USB cable or wirelessly to capture massive amounts of CAN data with this amazing CAN analysis tool - basically a free and open source program on par with Vector's CANoe suite.

In this way you have a full professional toolkit to examine, analyze and learn from the CAN message traffic in your Tesla Model 3 vehicle.

The EVTV ESP32 CANDue features a wiring harness with the appropriate connector to connect right to the Model 3 Vehicle CAN bus.

This is not a toy OBDII device to get speed, charge state, and
rpm, but a serious reverse engineering tool capable of the high data rates found on the TEsla Model 3 Vehicle CAN bus at the 1800-2000 frames per second data rate you'll find there..

SavvyCAN features a number of CAN data analysis features, allowing you to create your own .dbc database files, import and export files in several formats, and
analyze CAN data in a number of different ways.

EVTV Model 3 CAN Adapter User Manual
This Generalized Vehicle Reverse Engineering Tool ESP32RET runs on CANDue to communicate with the SavvyCAN application program for CAN data capture and analysis.
This is a very small Arduino sample program that runs on the Tesla Model 3 adapter. It prints ASCII text screen out the USB port listing ALL of the 96 cell voltages in the Model 3 pack,

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