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EVTV "Motel Life" Retro Keychain

EVTV "Motel Life" Retro Keychain

Introducing the EVTV Motor Verks “Motel Life” Retro Keychain – the ultimate accessory for motel aficionados and electric lifestylists alike!

The EVTV Motor Verks “Motel Life” Retro Keychain is here to take you on a hilarious and nostalgic journey – without ever leaving your mother’s basement!

Need the perfect gift for the person who has everything? Look no further! The EVTV Motor Verks Keychain is the ideal gift for the EV road-trip-loving, charge-station-adventurer in your life.

Don't miss your chance to rock your EVTV Keychain like it's 1969. Order yours today and let the world know you're a proud member of the EVTV Motor Verks "Motel Life" community. 

WARNING: The EVTV Motor Verks “Motel Life” Retro Keychain does not actually get you into motel rooms or move you up in line at charge stations.


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