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This is the next generation of EVTV embedded microcontroller. It features a 240MHz dual-core ESP32 chip with built-in Wifi and Bluetooth BLE for 6x the performance of the EVTV CANDue Microcontroller plus wireless capability to interact with the Internet (you can run a web server on it if you can believe it) and communicate with smartphone devices such as iPhone and iPAD. It features TWO CAN ports including one for CAN Flexible Data Rate - CAN FD, the new standard for block firmware updates over CAN.

We include a high-quality plastic enclosure allowing ample room for shields with a gland nut to route wiring.

This device is rated at 600DMIPS - basically the equivalent of 600 VAX 11/780 minicomputers of 1979

Support for the ESPRESSIF ESP32 chip has been added to the Arduino IDE allowing us to easily program the EVTV ESP32 CANDue board using the familiar Arduino IDE and the wealth of libraries available for it.

Our own Collin Kidder has written a new, unified library all inclusive of code needed to make it operate. Implements a CAN driver for the built-in CAN hardware on an ESP32. Also implements a driver for the MCP2517FD SPI connected CAN module. The builtin CAN is called CAN0, the MCP2517FD is called CAN1. This library is specifically meant to be used with the EVTV ESP32-Due board. Aside from CAN FD, this library can be used to support other ESP32 boards with CAN transceivers.


Collin has also developed a new ESP32RET program to make the EVTV ESP32 CANDue the ultimate CAN reverse engineering tool.  With this software, you can connect to your vehicle's CAN bus and communicate with Collins SAVVYCan CAN analysis suite WIRELESSLY.  SavvyCAN is available for Linux, Windows, and MAC OSX.



Many of our future controller projects will be based on this microcontroller board to take advantage of the higher speeds, dual CAN ports, faster FD data rates, and wireless features. Most importantly, it offers us the ability to interface with smartphone devices and tablets for graphical interfaces. Here we share this core tool of our arsenal with you for your own projects.


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