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Charging Etiquette Violation Cards (100 pack)

Charging Etiquette Violation Cards (100 pack)

Charging etiquette has become a real sore spot as more electric vehicles and newbie, or clueless, drivers become ubiquitous. All EV drivers all need to charge but not all of them know how to charge in public. 

EVTV has developed a handy tool to help make the charging experience a little more efficient and fun – the Charging Etiquette Violation card.

Use this business card-sized ticket the next time you witness the breaking of accepted protocol, plain ignorance, or pre-motivated aggression. Check the offense, or multiple offenses, and leave it in a conspicuous spot on the violator's vehicle. You’ll not only be making the charging world a better place but you’ll also be in compliance with one of the violations – Didn’t Report Issues.

Reverse side is blank so you can include a "personal" message of your own.

Pack of 100 black and white cards. Sales tax and shipping included.

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