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China Aviation Lithium Battery Company

1 CALB CAM80FI LiFePo4 Cell

1 CALB CAM80FI LiFePo4 Cell

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CALB CAM80FI Cells. Introduced June, 2014. Higher volumetric and gravimetric density for much smaller lighter packs. As much as 40% smaller and 20% lighter than the CA series cells.

Nominal Voltage: 3.2v
Charging Voltage: 3.65v
Typical Voltage after charge: 3.36v

Capacity: 80 Ah
Height: 127 mm / 5 inches
Width: 173 mm/ 6.8275 inches
Thickness: 47.35mm/1.87 inches
Weight with strap: 2.18kg/4.8 lbs
Volume: 0.8829 liters
Gravimetric Density: 118 Wh/kg
Volumetric Density: 260 Wh/ltr
Cycle Life: >2000
ESR: <1mOhm
Continuous Discharge: 2C - 160 amps
30 Second Discharge: 4C - 320amps
10 Second Discharge 8C -640 amps
Charging Temperature: 0-45C
Discharging Temperature: -20 to 55C


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