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Siemens B-Face Adapter

Siemens B-Face Adapter

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B-FACED Motor Adapter for Siemens 1PV5135 Electric Motor This adapter plate and shaft extension allows you to use the Siemens 1PV5135 motor with any adapter/transmission normally used by a standard B-Face motor such as a Netgain Warp 9 or Warp 11. This means you can easily upgrade from an earlier ADC or Netgain or kostov motor to a Siemens AC system. The adapter plate is indexed to the Siemens front face for secure mounting and features four through threaded holes and four grade eight bolts to fasten it in place. The front side features a standard B-face boss or index with the usual 8 threaded holes surrounding it. As such almost any adapter plate can then be bolted to it. The Siemens motor features a very short 3/4 inch long splined shaft. The included shaft coupler fits securely over that splined shaft and is held in place by a hex cap screw that readily threads into the threaded hole in the Siemens shaft, holding it securely in place. The other end is the standard 1 1/8th inch shaft with 1/4 hardened keyway. Key included.

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