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Permanent Magnet 10 kW BLDC Motor and Controller

Permanent Magnet 10 kW BLDC Motor and Controller

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This is a very interesting and versatile small permanent magnet brushless DC 3-phase motor/controller combination. Rated at 10kw, this little powerhouse combination is capable of up to 20 kw of power with full regenerative braking capability and capable of up to about 21 ft-lbs of torque. Designed for low voltage applications, it runs on a nominal 48v (40-60v) and the motor weighs just 38 lbs. This is actually the motor used in the 20Hp electric outboard motor. The motor is 8 inches in diameter but less than 7 inches long. Ideal for a go-kart, inboard boat motor, etc. The controller can handle up to 420 battery amps and puts out up to 840 motor amps. 1 inch keyed shaft.

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