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J1772 Charge Cable 40A
Make your own Electric Vehicle Charge Station.  This connector with 25 foot of 40A cable is not to be confused with the little units from China.  Made by Leviton, this is heavy duty and the real thing.

This UL Rated, J1772 Level 2 Charge Connector will accommodate up to 40A, 208V - 240V AC systems, and has the ability to connect with any J1772TM compliant Electric Vehicle.

The handle is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in the hands of any EV driver, yet robust enough to be rated at 10,000 cycles - the equivalent of 27 years of use! Features and Benefits: *Compatible with all Charging Station Standards and Recommended Practices, including SAE J1772

*Guaranteed 10,000 mating cycles - equivalent to 27 years of use! *

Drain holes prevent water from pooling inside of the connector housing, preventing against ice build-up and stagnant water accumulation.

*Ergonomically designed handle for a comfortable grip in any EV driver's hands

*Low contact resistance

*25 ft. long EV charging cable

*Cord Type EVJE - 3 X 10AWG & 2 X 16 AWG conductors  
Price: $295.00
JCD 135 400 Watt DC-DC Converter
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400 WATT ISOLATED 13.6V DC-DC Converter.

This is an EVTV modified Chennic DC-DC Converter.  Converts 144 DC pack voltages to 13.6 vdc to operate your lights, stereo, horn and other vehicle equipment.  This converter is rated at 35 amperes continuous output and we have tested them to 45 amperes for over an hour.   Output is 13.6v at 0 amps down to 12.0v at 35 amps.

This great little converter has gotten a bad reputation largely due to ripple on the battery packs from large controllers.  We think we've solved that by addiing both a high current diode and an inductor.  The diode prevents the internal capacitors from backflushing during accelerations, and the inductor prevents large ripple currents from harming those input capacitors.  A 15 amp fuse provides protection.

Price: $169.95
JCD160 800W  DC-DC Converter
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This is a new isolated Chennic 800 watt DC-DC converter with a very wide DC pack voltage input range.

The isolated DC-DC converter is a device to convert your EV battery pack high voltage down to the 13.6v necessary to run normal automotive headlights, wipers, stereo, etc.

This DC-DC Converter comes in five ranges:   

144V - Suitable for pack voltages from 100vdc to 162vdc
192V - Suitable for pack voltages from 150vdc to 220vdc  
288V - Suitable for pack voltages from 225vdc  to 328vdc
312V - Suitable for pack voltages from 243vdc to 356 vdc
350V - Suitable for pack voltages from 260vdc to 395vdc

Output is a regulated 13.6 vdc up to 60 amperes.
DC-DC Converters 350V (260-395v)
312v (243-356v)
288v (225-328v)
192v (150-220v)
144v (120-162v)
Price: $395.00

JCD175 1000W  DC-DC Converter
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This is a new isolated Chennic 1000 watt DC-DC converter with a very wide DC pack voltage input range.

The isolated DC-DC converter is a device to convert your EV battery pack high voltage down to the 13.6v necessary to run normal automotive headlights, wipers, stereo, etc.

We stock this DC-DC Converter  in two ranges:   

144V - Suitable for pack voltages from 100vdc to 162vdc
350V - Suitable for pack voltages from 260vdc to 395vdc  
Output is a regulated 13.6 vdc up to 74 amperes.
JCD175voltages 350v (260-395v)
144v (100-162v)
Price: $449.00
JLD 404 Intelligent AH Meter
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Intelligent Ampere Hour Meter displays volts, amperes, amp hours, and time. Used to monitor state of charge of LiFePo4 cells.
Price: $129.00
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JLD612 Temperature Controller
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JLD612 Temperature Controller with Premium Stainless Steel Waterproof PT100 RTD Temperature Sensor Probe(Threaded)

This handy little device allows you to monitor temperatures AND take actions based on temperature.  It provides both a relay and an SSR output to turn heating elements or cooling elements on or off based on specific temperatures.  It allows you to seperately set the temperature at which the relay activates and deactivates making it an ideal controller for heating and cooling duties.
Price: $95.00
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Lektric Kooter -  LOCAL PICKUP
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The Lektrik Kooter - an electric scooter for for gentlemen of season - and of course young affluent urban metrosexuals.  Electric scooter - 24 mile range - 20 mph top speed.  Includes the Milk Krate for Kooters.  Carries groceries, books, helmet, etc easily.

Easy to sit down on, easy to balance, easy to charge.  At 32Wh per mile this may be the most energy efficient transportation we've worked with.  The pickup truck of electric scooters.
Price: $897.00
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Kriss Motors AC Charge Port
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This is a standard marine grade heavy duty Marinco NEMA5-15 recessed maie electrical connector.  But it is now mounted in a deluxe billet aluminum mounting plate that can be mounted on the exterior of your car.  The weatherproof cap protects the electric connector pins, while remaining accessible for plug in charging.

With the advent of J1772 charging, we've de-emphasized these kind of make shift charging solutions in favor of the SAE standard which is stronger and more durable and safer.  But what about when you go to grandma's house?   Does she have a GE Wattstation?   By installing this additional port to your onboard charger, you can connect to any 120vac outlet using an ordinary extension cord - without adapter or apology.

The billet aluminum frame makes this connector sturdy, firmly fixed to the car, and it is more EVTV jewelry for your electric vehicle.

Designed by Eric Kriss of Kriss Motors.
Price: $119.00
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CAN Controller and Connectors for Chevy Volt 3.3kw Charger

EVTV CAN Controller with software for the Chevy Volt/Lear  3.3kw Charger and connectors for the AC and DC plugs.  This kit allows you to use any Chevy Volt onboard charger in your own electric vehicle conversion.

Allows control of charger output voltage from 200 to 420 volts and charging current up to 11 amps.

These plug connectors and terminals mate with the high quality connectors on the Lear charger.  The CAN controller allows you to independently control the  charger by setting the charge voltage and charge current level.

Price: $795.00
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One CREE R5 5 watt bulb
3x optical magnifier
4.2x2 centimeters
500 lumens
rated for 20,000 hours

Price: $11.95
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 Cree Q5 1157/BAY15D Pure White 7W Led Glass Bulb Brake Side Marker Light

Voltage: 12V
Color of light: Pure White
Color temperature: 5500-6000K
Lumen: 320lm
Dimension: 54mm*25mm(total length*diameter)
Socket type: 1157
For Replacement of Brake Light, Corner Light, Side Marker Light, Stop Light, Parking Light,Tail Light, Reverse Light and Backup Lights, ETC.


Brand new and tested.
High power 7W LED(Cree Q5), constant currency.
Looks great in style with clear head/tail light’s lens
Low power consumption.
Easy installation, just plug & play.
Life span: 30,000-50,000 hrs

- Cross Ref: 1157 T25 P21/5W 1016 1034 1158 1076 1130 1142 1152 1154 1493 2057 2357 2396 2397 3496 3497 7528 12499 12594 

Price: $13.95
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Tyco Kilovak LEV200A4ANF Contactor
LEV200A4ANF Contactor - High Current Switching Relay with 12vdc coil and 500 amp continous carry capability 12-900vdc.  This is used to switch pack voltage to your motor controller.

Designed to be the lowest cost sealed contactor in the industry with its current rating (500+A carry, 2000A interrupt at 320VDC)  Hermetically sealed – intrinsically safe, operates in explosive/harsh environments with no oxidation or contamination of coils or contacts, including long periods of non-operation. Typical applications include battery switching and backup, DC voltage power control, circuit protection and safety Versatile coil and power connections. AIAG QS9000 designed, built and approved  

Price: $139.00

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