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4 AWG Extra Flexible Cable
This braided 4 AWG cable is unshielded but extra flexible and because its welding cable it can handle up to 600 volts. 
Price: $6.25
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6 Blade Fuse Block with Built in Bus Bar
Have you ever layed on the floorboard and tried to figure out what fuse was what? When converting a car take control of your wiring with your own fuse block and bus bar from EVTV Motor Works. This hassle saving device accepts up to 30a and has a clear cover and includes labels plus a built in positive  and negative bus with #10-32 studs. Fuses sold separately.

Six independently fused circuits using ATO or ATOS fuses.  With cover and labels.
Price: $49.95
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6 blade Fuse Block for Independent Circuits
A great trick piece for your conversion that makes sense, wiring gets easier by moving your fuses where you can work on them, and it has a locking weather resistant cover so you can label each one. The quality block design accepts up to 30a fuses and works great with ring terminals. Includes wiriing diagram for 3 independent sourced circuits and 3 common sourced circuits.
Price: $52.75
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Solid State DC Relay
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This is a solid state DC relay for switching DC currents of up to 80 amperes at voltages from 5vdc to 220vdc.  A small red light indicates when it is on. 

These work like mechanical relays but without the contact life issues.  Control voltage from 3-32vdc causes it to connect the two terminals.  This control voltage draws less than 25 ma.  You could actually use a bare Arduino or Macchina output to switch voltage.

We use these to switch DC voltages to heating elements in place of a Tyco Kilovac contactor.  Used with the JLD612 temperature controller, there is really no life limit to the number of cycles using this device, nor contact wear from breaking currrent flows repeatedly.

Load Current: 80A peak.  Limit to 40 amperes contuous load.
Load Voltage: 5-220V DC Actual (24-220V DC MArked)
Control Voltage: 3-32V DC
Control Current: 5-25mA DC

Price: $48.95
Anodized Aluminum Hose End AN-8 90 degree
 Black Anodized aircraft aluminum AN-8 hose end 90 degree.
Price: $19.95
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Ferraz Shawmut A30WS35-4
Ferraz Shawmut A30QS35-4 Fuse.  Rated for 35 Amperes at up to 300 vdc.  This fuse is perfect for DC-DC Converters, PTC Heaters, or any application where you are going to apply full pack voltage to the input of a device.  12v fuses will NOT do in this case.  You will need a 300vdc high voltage fuse that can be relied on to break that current flow in an emergency or malfunction.

Shown with P243G fuse holder. *

* Fuse holder not included - available separately.
Price: $43.50
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Ferraz Shawmut A30QS600
Ferraz Shawmutt A30QS600.  This 600 ampere 300 volt fuse is actually good for 20 seconds up to 1800 amps.  Install between battery pack and controller for safety and equipment protection. 

Shown with P243G fuse holder. *

* Fuse holder not included - available separately.

Price: $65.00
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Ferraz Shawmut A50QS1000-4 Semiconductor Fuse
Ferraz Shawmut 1000 ampere 500 volt fuse .  Install between pack and controller to protect drivetrain and batteeries.  This fuse will handle 2500-3000 amps for 20 seconds.  This is for very high powered systems and racing

Shown on FH50F5 fuse block. *

* Fuse block not included - available separately.

Price: $345.00
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AGU Fuses 5 Pack
As your power hungry components draw power a simple short circuit can do damage, that's why you need AGU fuses. AGU fuses are clear for easy visual inspection and the brass construction combines to provide high conductivity ,corrosion resistance and an attractive appearance. Simply put AGU fuses safeguard components.
Price: $6.50
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AN-8 One Way Check Valve
Inline One-Way Non-return Checkvalve.  Male AN-8 fittings.  Flow direction clearly marked.
Price: $24.95
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Anodized Aluminum Hose End AN-8 straight
 Black Anodized aircraft aluminum AN-8 hose end straight.
Price: $11.95
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Anodized Aluminum NPT 1/2 Adapter AN-8
 Black Anodized aircraft aluminum AN-8 male thread to NPT 1/2 inch male thread
Price: $7.95
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