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1 Yazaki CHAdeMO DC Inlet
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 Yazaki X1DT0028 Chademo DC Fast Charge Inlet.  This is probably the highest quality CHAdeMO DC charging inlet available.  Comes with 3 feet of cable.  2 power cables and 7 signal wires.  Rated at 500vdc and 120Amps.

Dampered weather cover.

This is the inlet you need to make your electric car CHADEMO fast charge capable.  Other electronics are required.  But this is where it starts.
Price: $895.00
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Enphase Diversion Loads Manager
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 The EVTV Enphase Diversion Loads Manager is a standalone WiFi device that communicates directly with your ENPHASE ENVOY data gateway device via your home WiFi Router/network to obtain operational data on your Enphase solar power system.
It features FOUR switched MOSFET outputs that can drive four external relays at 12v and up to 3 amps each.  In this way, you can switch on and off diversion loads such as water heaters, hot tubs, EV charging, etc. based on the output power of your Enphase solar arrray.  

Additionally, it will also monitor our Tesla Model S Battery Monitor/Controller for similar data allowing outputs to be swtiched based on voltage, current, or SOC of your Tesla Model S battery module battery pack.
Price: $299.00
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270 Watt Flexible Solar Panel
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 This lightweight, high efficiency solar panel is unusually well suited to electric boats, aircraft, RVs and  electric vehicles.  

Flexible solar panel for RV or Sailboat.  This is our largest yet at 270 watts using 84 SunPower high efficiency cells.  Just 3 mm thick and flexible to about a 30% curve.

Very attractive black cells on black backsheet with corner eyelets.
Price: $369.00
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Tyco High Voltage Automotive Precharge Relay
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 We are all accustomed to Tyco Kilovac contactors we use for all sorts of high voltage high current switching. We usually use a 12v 30A relay to accomplish the precharge on these systems.   But those relays really aren't designed for the high pack voltages we are switching with them.

Tyco has very recently announced a relay built specifically for high voltage PRECHARGE applications in automobiles and specifically electric and hybrid automobiles for precharge applications.

Suitable for voltage levels up to 450VDC
Precharge currents up to 20A
Limiting break currents up to 20A
Rated Coil Voltage: 12vdc
Operate Voltage: 6.9vdc
Release Voltage: 1.2vdc
Coil power: 2.9 watt
Operate time: 2.5 ms

Price: $99.00
Wiring harness for Tesla Battery Module Controller
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 Wiring harness for our Tesla Model S Battery Module Controller.  Comes with connector for the module wiring harnesses.

Price: $29.95
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Precharge Resistor 500 ohm 100 watt
This is a 100 watt precharge resistor.  Used to precharge the input  capacitor to a DC-DC converter, controller, inverter, etc. to eliminate the sudden inrush of current.  This will decrease the charge current under 1 ampere for almost any size pack eliminating the possibility of damage.  Once the caps are charged, which takes just a few seconds, then the power can be applied safely.

Price: $10.95

8 Position +/- 12v Terminal Block
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 This small terminal block lets you easily and safely provide access to +12v on one side and the rtn on the other for wiring your project . Eight positions.
Price: $24.95
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WarP 11 Helwig H60 Redtop Brush Kit
Hellwig H60 RedTop Split brush kit for Netgain Motors Warp 11 Motor.  This kit includes 8 Hellwig H60 brushes pre-radiused for the Netgain Warp 11 Commutator and 8 Nord-Lock zinc coated washers.

The H60 is about 2.5 times harder than the old National K49 brushes and features improved commutation due to the split brush design.  This is the ideal brush for street use. 

The new brushes feature four leads instead of two for higher current ability, a mylar sheith on each lead to avoid case shorts, and a closed terminal connection for maximum seating area. 

Lower carbon dust, longer life, better commutation.  These brushes improve your motor significantly.

Price: $199.95
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Gigavac HBD41A Maintenance Switch
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 GIgavac's new HBD41 maintenance switch offers a great value for the money.  Rated at 400A continuous duty at 1000v it can carry 2000 amperes for up to a minute.  It's designed specifically for EV applications.

The switch is hermetically sealed to lockout moisture and dirt from the contacts.  Features OSHA lockout/tagout.  
Price: $134.95
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Gigavac GX110 1000 Ampere Contactor
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This is the highest power contactor relay we have found.  It will do 1000 amperes of current continuously at up to 800volts and 5000 amperes for up to 10 seconds.  It is overkill for most electric vehicle builds but for the ultimate in safety and power switching capability, this is the 800 lb gorilla.

Relay is normally open.  Coil powered by 12v.  Draws up to 5.6 amps to close but holds position with 1.3 amps at 12v.  No coil suppression diodes required as internal coil suppression is provided.

The ultimate contactor.  We haven't found anything larger.
Price: $849.00
Four Module Extension Harness for Tesla Modules
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 This four module extension allows you to "extend" a two module harness to six modules or a four module harness to eight modules.  And you can add these extensions to get any even number of modules up to the max 62 supported by the controller.

Price: $69.95
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48 inch  Extension Harness for Tesla Modules
THis 48 inch bare extension harness allows you to extend the distance between your controlller and batteries or interconnect multiple battery segments.  Mats with other harnesses to connect to Tesla Model S Battery Module BMS boards.
Price: $49.95
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