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Brammo  GVM Traction Motor
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This is a close variant to the motor BRAMMO uses for their famous motorcycles.  This version produces 40kW peak power (74 Newton Meters/54.5 ft lbs.).  This is a very small, light, powerful liquid cooled motor ideal for motorcycle applications.

 Internal Permanent Magnet AC (IPMAC) motor with six poles and capable of voltages up to 450vdc and currents up to 600A rms.  Produces 52 horsepower at 5000 rpm in a package 7 inches in diameter and 10 inches long weighing just 32 lbs.  That's 2.5kW per kilogram.

We picked up a small number of this from a company who never had them out of the box.  These motors list for over $3500 from BRAMMO. 

List Price: $3,500.00
Price: $1,995.00
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Tesla Drivetrain Full Subclip 1001
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 Full Tesla Subclip with Wheels and Tires, new lower price
Price: $3,495.00
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Gold Plated ELECTRIC Emblem
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This is a gold plated ELECTRIC emblem. 

7 1/4 inches long and 1/2 inch high. 

This very elegant ELECTRIC emblem we had designed for the 356 Speedster.  It matches the Speedster font and sizing.  

This emblem would look very elegant on any electric car.  Quality metal, gold plated.  Of course, they made us buy a bajillion to have it made at all.

So we're making them available.

Price: $39.95
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Lektric Kooter -  LOCAL PICKUP
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The Lektrik Kooter - an electric scooter for for gentlemen of season - and of course young affluent urban metrosexuals.  Electric scooter - 24 mile range - 20 mph top speed.  Includes the Milk Krate for Kooters.  Carries groceries, books, helmet, etc easily.

Easy to sit down on, easy to balance, easy to charge.  At 32Wh per mile this may be the most energy efficient transportation we've worked with.  The pickup truck of electric scooters.
Price: $897.00
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Siemens motor with Inverter, E-gear and Charger
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 Siemens Motor with a DMOC liquid cooled inverter with an encoder cable, water pump and an E-Gear already mounted. This also has a Brusa charger mounted within the whole setup.
Price: $9,995.00
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Danfoss DLX 4.4 Grid Tied Inverter
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 Danfoss DLX4.4 Grid-Tie Inverter.  This device puts out up to 4.4kW of 240vac 60Hz electrical power from a 230-500v DC input.  It is UL1741 compliant and must have an existing AC waveform from an off-grid inverter or utility-grid to synchronize to.

This is ideal for using full Tesla Model S battery packs at the nominal 345 voltage for peak shavers or time of day rate shifters.
Price: $995.00
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Talesun 270Watt 60 Cell Photovoltaic Panel
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 We picked these up as a bargain for you.  DC Solar just closed the largest bankruptcy of a Solar Company in history with over $50 million in parts.  We picked up a few pallets of these Talesun 270 watt solar panels.  Sold by pallet of 30 panels only. 8100 watts per pallet so this is less than 50 cents per watt.  We only picked up a few pallets so grab em while you can.  When they are gone they are gone - no guarantees beyond the manufacturers standard warranty and no returns.
Price: $3,995.00
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Marine Grade.  This is a very unusual charge controller in that it can charge a battery of a HIGHER voltage than the solar panel output that feeds it.  In this way, you can charge a nominal 48v lithium  battery pack to a precise 56.8v using a solar panel that puts out 33v at its maximum power point.  This is the only device we've found that will do that.

We had these specially made by Genusun in their waterproof casing - fully potted and in a plastic enclosure.  This will last forever in marine/boat applications as well as golf cart canopies or other outdoor in the weather applications.

This one is designed to charge 16 LiFePo4 cells to 56.8v using a Constant Current/Constant Voltage charge curve perfect for our LiFePo4 cells.  

But it can do it from ANY of our flexible solar panels - a single panel. 

Why?  Put a single panel on the roof of your golf cart or the deck of your john boat and use this to charge a 48v battery pack at up to 8 amps.  It could not be simpler.  We haven't seen anything else out there like this "boost" charge controller device.
Price: $195.00
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Flexible Solar Panel 200w
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 This lightweight, high efficiency solar panel is unusually well suited to electric boats, aircraft, RVs and  electric vehicles.  Here's why:  

LIGHT WEIGHT at just 3.3 kilograms - 7.275 pounds each.

VERY THIN - just 3 mm (0.118 inches) thick and built on a very durable flexible acrylic sheet.  This means you can mount it on curved surfaces up to 30degree bend with minimal wind resistance.

VERY HIGH EFFICIENCY -  cell efficiency  20.8%.  While the panel is made in China, the individual cells are made in the Phillippines  by SUNPOWER using their MAXEON back connect technology for very high efficiencies

So for example, you could build an array of 10 sheets that would weigh just 75 lbs and put out 2000 watts - a truly useful amount of energy.  You could actually charge an 20kWh pack in 10 hours - about two days in the sun.  

Price: $195.00

1 Renault Influenza Battery Packs
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FINALLY HERE! Limited consignment of 23.4kWh Renault Influenza battery packs from the Better Place bankruptcy liquidation in Israel.  AS IS WHERE IS.  No manufacturer support or warranty.  No returns and no refunds.  

This is a grab bag.  We acquired 72 Renault Fluenze battery packs in like new condition.  Each pack contains 48 modules identical in all respects to the Nissan Leaf battery modules.  They were made by the same company in Japan, Automotive Energy Corporation.  

Each module is 7.5v, 65Ah.  This makes a 23.4kWh pack of LiMn2O4 lithium cells available for the price of lead acid batteries.  

This battery pack weighs over 600 lbs and will require liftgate for residential delivery. Comes in specially designed cargo carrier.

Price: $3,995.00
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Flexible Solar Panel 120w
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This lightweight, high efficiency solar panel is unusually well suited to electric boats, aircraft, RVs and  electric vehicles.  Here's why:  

LIGHT WEIGHT at just 2.45 kilograms - 5.4 pounds each.

VERY THIN - just 3 mm (0.118 inches) thick and built on a very durable flexible acrylic sheet.  This means you can mount it on curved surfaces with minimal wind resistance.  About 30% deflection is possible.

VERY HIGH EFFICIENCY -  20-23%.  This panel is made for EVTV in China using a special laminate. But the individual cells are made in the U.S. by SUNPOWER using their MAXEON back connect technology for efficiencies up to 24%.

What this means is that you can put solar panels in places impractical before.  The lightweight, thin, flexible panels can be attached to RV roofs, boat decks, canopies, and places where the usual 45 lb stiff framed glass panels would simply be absurd.

And since real estate on these "vehicle" applications is limited, paying for the extra efficiency of these superior cells actually makes sens

Price: $79.00
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Circuit Breaker/Switch Handle 160 Amp 3 conductor
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 We found these switches on the Sandi Explosion Proof inverter and ordered a quantity of them from China.  160 amp circuit breaker with three poles to handle L1, L2, and N at up to 160 amps.  What makes it special is a kind of mechanical converter with a huge switch handle.  Gives you a big MANLY switch.   We use it on DC as well.
Price: $99.99
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