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Green LED chrome Pushbutton Latching Switch
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Green LED Pushbutton Switch. Normally open. Depress switch to latch closed. Press again to release back to open. 3A/250v. LED 5-12v
Price: $18.95
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Gigavac  Epic 350 Amp Latching Contactor
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The GIGAVAC GXL14B1AB contactor is a 350 ampere single-pole single-throw (SPST) normally open (NO) high voltage high current relay capable of breaking current flows up to 800 volts.. 

Mechanically rated for over 1,000,000 cycles, this hermetically sealed contactor features built-in coil suppression and IP67 environmental rating.

The coil operates on 8-16vdc with a 4.3 amp close but a small 240 ma holding current.

UL 1604 listed for Classes I, II, and III.

This version is a LATCHING version that stays where you put it even after power is removed.  It can be configured for active low (low side) activation with two wires, one to set and one to reset, or active high (high side) with one wire to set and another to reset.

Price: $240.00
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AC Delco D1876D Inertia Switch
An Inertia Switch is an important safety device on any electric vehicle. In the event of a collision, internal combustion engines usually stop, either by strain stalling the engine or a breach in the fuel supply. Most cars are actually protected by an inertia switch that disables the fuel pump. In an electric car, this can be even more important. If the driver is incompacitated with weight on the accelerator and no load on the wheels the motor can spin uncontrollably until it reaches past maximum RPM and dissassembles itself explosively. The intertia switch is a simple device that in the event of a jar or collision moves a magnetic ball out of its place and so opens the switch. By connecting this between a contactor and its ground, the contactor will automatically open on any collision, disconnecting your high voltage battery pack. If it is a minor collision, you can simply press the red rubber stopper on top to reseat the ball and again enable your system.
Price: $129.95
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Tyco Kilovak LEV200A4ANF Contactor
LEV200A4ANF Contactor - High Current Switching Relay with 12vdc coil and 500 amp continous carry capability 12-900vdc.  This is used to switch pack voltage to your motor controller.

Designed to be the lowest cost sealed contactor in the industry with its current rating (500+A carry, 2000A interrupt at 320VDC)  Hermetically sealed – intrinsically safe, operates in explosive/harsh environments with no oxidation or contamination of coils or contacts, including long periods of non-operation. Typical applications include battery switching and backup, DC voltage power control, circuit protection and safety Versatile coil and power connections. AIAG QS9000 designed, built and approved  

Price: $139.00
GUEST Heavy Duty Maintenance Switch
Heavy Duty Maintenance Switch.

This is the newly redesigned GUEST 2304 heavy duty switch.  It has larger 5/8 inch terminals and can handle 600 amps continuously or surges of 1000 amps.

Use this switch to split your battery pack.  Shut it off when doing maintenance or working on your car, or if you are parking your car for extended periods to keep the battery from discharging over time due to parasitic loads.

5 1/2 inches wide and 3 1/2 inches deep.

Price: $199.95
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RED LED Black Pushbutton Latching Switch
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RED LED Black Pushbutton Switch. Normally open. Depress switch to latch closed. Press again to release back to open. 3A/250v. LED 5-12v
Price: $12.95
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Red LED chrome Pushbutton Latching Switch
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RED LED Pushbutton Switch. Normally open. Depress switch to latch closed. Press again to release back to open. 3A/250v. LED 5-12v
Price: $18.95
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Tyco High Voltage Automotive Precharge Relay
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 We are all accustomed to Tyco Kilovac contactors we use for all sorts of high voltage high current switching. We usually use a 12v 30A relay to accomplish the precharge on these systems.   But those relays really aren't designed for the high pack voltages we are switching with them.

Tyco has very recently announced a relay built specifically for high voltage PRECHARGE applications in automobiles and specifically electric and hybrid automobiles for precharge applications.

Suitable for voltage levels up to 450VDC
Precharge currents up to 20A
Limiting break currents up to 20A
Rated Coil Voltage: 12vdc
Operate Voltage: 6.9vdc
Release Voltage: 1.2vdc
Coil power: 2.9 watt
Operate time: 2.5 ms

Price: $99.00
Precharge Resistor 500 ohm 100 watt
This is a 100 watt precharge resistor.  Used to precharge the input  capacitor to a DC-DC converter, controller, inverter, etc. to eliminate the sudden inrush of current.  This will decrease the charge current under 1 ampere for almost any size pack eliminating the possibility of damage.  Once the caps are charged, which takes just a few seconds, then the power can be applied safely.

Price: $10.95

Gigavac HBD41A Maintenance Switch
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 GIgavac's new HBD41 maintenance switch offers a great value for the money.  Rated at 400A continuous duty at 1000v it can carry 2000 amperes for up to a minute.  It's designed specifically for EV applications.

The switch is hermetically sealed to lockout moisture and dirt from the contacts.  Features OSHA lockout/tagout.  
Price: $134.95
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Gigavac GX110 1000 Ampere Contactor
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This is the highest power contactor relay we have found.  It will do 1000 amperes of current continuously at up to 800volts and 5000 amperes for up to 10 seconds.  It is overkill for most electric vehicle builds but for the ultimate in safety and power switching capability, this is the 800 lb gorilla.

Relay is normally open.  Coil powered by 12v.  Draws up to 5.6 amps to close but holds position with 1.3 amps at 12v.  No coil suppression diodes required as internal coil suppression is provided.

The ultimate contactor.  We haven't found anything larger.
Price: $849.00
Gigavac GV200 Contactor
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 GIgavac introduces a competitive response to the popular TYCO EV200 contactor.

Price: $139.00
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