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 Special purchase special price on a quality CALB battery
First come first serve limiited quanitity
when there gone there gone
Price: $49.95
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1 CALB CAM72FI LiFePo4 Cell
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 New CALB CAM72FI Cells.  Introduced May, 2014.  Higher volumetric and gravimetric density for much smaller lighter packs.  As much as 40% smaller and 20% lighter than the CA series cells.  

These are similar LiFePo4 chemistry at a nominal 3.2 volts.  These cells are 72 Ampere Hours.

NOTE:  The exterior of this cell is aluminum and is tied to the positive terminal of the cell.  Battery boxes MUST be insulated and insulation must be installed between each cell in a battery box.

Price: $120.00
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CALB CA100FI 100Ah LiFePo4 Cell
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China Aviation Lithium Battery Company CA100FI Series LiFePo4 Cell

This is the latest chemistry from CALB in a 100Ah format.   Uses 70mm strap

Nominal 3.2v, 100Ah, 320Wh, 

**Minimum 8 cell order due to shipping requirements**

Price: $135.00
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CALB CA180FI 180Ah LiFePo4 Cell
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A new cell from China Aviation Lithium Battery Company with improved power output (10C - 30 seconds), improved thermal performance, improved cold weather capacity, and longer cycle life.  180 ampere-hour capacity.  3.2v nominal voltage.   576 Watt-hours.

The best battery we've found for electric vehicle applications and far superior to GM or Nissan cells in every way.

**Minimum 8 cell order due to shipping requirements**

Price: $232.00
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CALB SE100AHA 100Ah LiFePo4 Cell
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China Aviation Lithium Battery Company SE100AHA Series LiFePo4 Cell

This is the previous generation of LiFePo4 cell from China Aviation Lithium Battery.  This chemistry, inherited from the Sky Energy Battery Company that CALB purchased, served us well and long in numerous EV builds.  It has been superceded by the improved CA series cells.

But they worked then, and they'll work now.  We came into a limited quantity of these cells at a liquidation price and so we offer them as our "second label" CALB cell at a lower price than the current chemistry CA series or the new CAM series cells.

CALB WILL NO LONGER WARRANTY OR SUPPORT THESE CELLS.   They've been in storage since September of 2011.  We have tested samples of these cells and found them perfectly operational but diminished in capacity by about 7% from their original 103 to 111AH. CALB wants to dispose of them without further obligation - ergo the price.


The shipping listed is for commercial delivery address.

For RESIDENTIAL DELIVERY - specify Liftgate option.   Orr ship to nearest UPS terminal for pick up.

Price: $160.00
1 Renault Influenza Battery Packs
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FINALLY HERE! Limited consignment of 23.4kWh Renault Influenza battery packs from the Better Place bankruptcy liquidation in Israel.  AS IS WHERE IS.  No manufacturer support or warranty.  No returns and no refunds.  

This is a grab bag.  We acquired 72 Renault Fluenze battery packs in like new condition.  Each pack contains 48 modules identical in all respects to the Nissan Leaf battery modules.  They were made by the same company in Japan, Automotive Energy Corporation.  

Each module is 7.5v, 65Ah.  This makes a 23.4kWh pack of LiMn2O4 lithium cells available for the price of lead acid batteries.  

This battery pack weighs over 600 lbs and will require liftgate for residential delivery. Comes in specially designed cargo carrier.

Price: $3,995.00
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Stick-On Battery Number Labels
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 This is our simplest product.  We didn't even make a user manual for it.  Consists of 126 peel and stick round numbers sized for the vent cap on the CALB 180AH cell.  

At EVCCON we noticed that most builders number their batteries.  Some very neatly, some not so neatly.  We had these peel and stick printed numbers printed up.

Simple.  But effective.  Dress up your battery box for a professional look.
Price: $9.95
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Lithium Fire Extinguisher 2.5 Gallon Class D
 This is a 2.5 gallon pressurized fire extinguisher.  But instead of water, it is chargeed with Spectrum FX Firebane 1179 - an aqueous based class D extinguishing agent specially formulated for metal fires and curiously effective at extinguishing lithium battery fires.

This extinguishing agent is entirely non-toxic and environmentally safe.
Price: $895.00
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 Liftgate Delivery to Residential Address.  For many of our products, weights and volumes are large and it is not possible for a driver to offload these items to a residential address without a specially equipped truck with hydraulic liftgate.  UPS charges us $240 for this option and we make it available to you.

For motors and inverters and batteries of large weight and volume, we must have a commercial delivery address equipped with loading dock or forklift to offload the items.

An an option, we can deliver those items to the nearest terminal but then you must make arrangements to go pick them up with your own truck.

By ordering this "product", commercial liftgate delivery, you can have these large items delivered directly to your doorstep.

Price: $240.00
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