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Trucklite 7 inch Round LED Headlamp
Trucklite 7 inch Round LED Headlamp
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t delivery method, adopting parabolic reflector technology to create a smooth, even light output. The use of metalized reflector optics provides a clean and homogeneous spread of light, more uniform than other options, without any targeted or focused beams or projector-type color artifacts. 

Truck-Lite's 7" LED headlamp system meets and exceeds FMVSS-108 and CMVSS-108 DOT requirements for both low and high beam performance. 

 Truck-Lite's 2007 release of the a DOT-Compliant LED Headlamp marked the first time the commercial industry was offered the benefits of LED technology for headlamp applications. The product represented a giant leap forward in creation of visibility systems, and for the first time, offered the heavy-duty industry a headlamp capable of outliving the rigors of highway driving.

"We received very positive feedback on the LED headlamp's durability and increased visibility, however we understood there was a need for a more conventional and stylized design. The aesthetic appearance of the new 7" round headlamps is very sleek and modern, catering to those looking for both a rugged yet traditional appearance." reported John Howells, Truck-Lite's Vice President of Worldwide Sales. 

The new design meets or exceeds FMVSS-108 and CMVSS-108 DOT requirements for both low and high beam performance. 

The new LED Headlamp produces light far superior to that of conventional halogen lamps, with a color temperature of 5,800ËšK, closer to the color temperature of daylight. 

The new lamp is designed with Omni-Volt® technology to accommodate both 12 and 24 volt headlamp applications, providing crisper and whiter light output than halogen alternatives, while extending product life and adding greater dependability. The maintenance-free lamp uses a solid-state, bulb-free system that's impervious to damage caused by shock and vibration, with a military grade, die-cast aluminum housing, non-yellowing polycarbonate lens and a scratch-resistant hard coating to protect against damage from impact, roadside debris and other hazards. 


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