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PowerSafe 15 RV and Marine Edition.  You asked for it. It's here.  These feature a somewhat special Sigineer 6kW inverter.  They are designed for Tesla Model S Battery Module voltages.  

Second they feature dry contacts we can use for our frequency shift technique for controlling microgrid inverters.  

And 3rd, it has a special transformer made entirely of copper.  Most of the Sigineer/YIYI/AIMS inverters use a copper and aluminum transformer.  The 6 killowatt version is a little more critical on temperature and THD and so we have spec'd this in with a 100% copper transformer at a bit higher cost.

The PowerSafe 15 is a 15kWh Solar Energy Storage device with 6 kW DC-AC pure sine wave inverter/charger and a complete battery management control and display system. This particular version is optimised for Recreational Vehicle and Marine use and Tiny House/Off-grid cabin installations.

It is a complete OFF-GRID AC power system with a 240vac power output of 6kW continuous and up to 18kW surge in the standard U.S. 240vac L1, L2, Neutral, ground four wire output that can be wired into any standard loads panel.

It does NOT work with the utility grid but you can use grid (or generator) INPUT to recharge the batteries.  The power will pass through to your loads WHILE recharging from shore power.

Better, it works fantastically with grid-interactive solar systems, replacing the grid and will actually recharge the batteries from your grid-tied inverters and solar panels.

This is NOT UL listed although it is compliant and is intended for stand-alone off-grid power applications.  It uses 3 Tesla Model S 5.3kWh  battery modules for energy storage. 

Battery Display Included 

This device is designed to power a boat or recreational vehicle with 240vac 60 Hz split phase power.  It features 15.9 kWh of storage which is quite a bit more than the 660Ah that that would translate to in RV speak as the batteries can be discharged quite beyond the normal 50% of lead acid/AGM batteries.

This particular device can charge from solar EITHER through the conventional DC coupled methods with an MPPT charge controller OR from the preferred method using AC coupling and Enphase microinverters on the roof with the panels.

It also works perfectly with 240vac L1/L2/Gnd shorepower or 240vac generator.  And finally, it is perfectly safe to use your vehicle 24v alternator to charge the batteries even while using them and driving down the road.

Capacity: ~ 15kWh
Power Output: 6kW continuous, up to 18 kW for 20 seconds
Length: 36 inches
Width: 24 inches
Depth: 10 inches
Weight: ~300 lbs.

EVTV PowerSafe 15 User Manual

EVTV 15kw Off-Grid Inverter Charger User Manual

EVTV Battery Display User Manual

EVTV ESP32 BMS Controller Assembly User Manual

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