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The Delphi™ DC-DC converter gives you extreme performance and highly efficient power when and where you need it. The manufactured 2.2kW unit creates DC voltages in hybrid and electric vehicles necessary to power 12VDC based components. Liquid-cooled, the DC/DC converter operates at input voltages from 216 to 422VDC with  max 2.2kW power.

The Delphi™ DC-DC converter uses standard buck converter technology, it will efficiently convert power from a high-voltage DC source (typically a 300V battery pack) into 14V power.  Electrical interface to the vehicle is very simple. The internal controller derives its internal power from the vehicle 14V battery only. The DC-DC converter uses a switching power supply to produce regulated 5V and 12V power. Aside from a discrete IGN hardware (wake-up input) and the high power outputs, all other interface to and from the DC-DC converter is through high speed CAN.

The DC-DC will wake up with IGN but requires enabling CAN messages before normal operation can occur. Once normally operating, the production of 14V power is independent of the low voltage input.

Proven automotive design, reliable even in the harsh environment of the engine compartment
Highly efficient conversion using synchronous rectification
Applicable to multiple vehicle platforms without re-engineering
Analog output voltage is adjustable through CAN serial communication; 11V – 15.5V
Over-voltage, over-current, and over-temperature protection with fault reporting
CAN serial interface

Dimensions 253 x 257 x 80 mm
Volume 4.2 L
Weight 5.0 kg
Operational Life 15 Years / 10,000 Hrs
Cooling 50/50 mixture H2O/glycol (10L/min)
Temperature:  -40ºC to +110°C
Efficiency 90% 
HV supply Voltage 216 - 422V DC
LV 7 - 15.5 V DC
   HV -> LV 2.2kW, max 175A @ 12.5V
Delphi Universal 2.2kW User Manual

Delphi User Manual

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