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Braided Battery Strap Kit 70MM Centers
Braided Battery Strap Kit 70MM Centers
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We have found these braided straps to be the best connection you can have for your Lithium battery pack. They provide a large surface area to carry high levels of current. These straps allow for some flex between the batteries which reduces the stress on the terminals themselves. The straps are sold as individual pieces and include two M8 bolts and two wedge-Lock washers as mounting hardware. This strap fits: CALB 100AH, 130AH, 160AH, and 180AH cells. 

1. Braided Tinned flexible copper strap with M8 holes.
2. Two M8 1.25 x 16 stainless terminal bolts
3. Two M8  zinc coated wedgelock washers.

These straps are perfect for face to face arrangements of both the CA180FI and CA100FI cells.

These straps are also PERFECT for connecting two adjacent Tesla Model S battery modules.

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CALB CA100FI 100Ah LiFePo4 CellCALB CA100FI 100Ah LiFePo4 Cell
China Aviation Lithium Battery Company CA100FI Series LiFePo4 Cell

This is the latest chemistry from CALB in a 100Ah format.   Uses 70mm strap

Nominal 3.2v, 100Ah, 320Wh, 

**Minimum 8 cell order due to shipping requirements**

CALB CA180FI 180Ah LiFePo4 CellCALB CA180FI 180Ah LiFePo4 Cell

A new cell from China Aviation Lithium Battery Company with improved power output (10C - 30 seconds), improved thermal performance, improved cold weather capacity, and longer cycle life.  180 ampere-hour capacity.  3.2v nominal voltage.   576 Watt-hours.

The best battery we've found for electric vehicle applications and far superior to GM or Nissan cells in every way.

**Minimum 8 cell order due to shipping requirements**

Price: $9.00
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