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1 Siemens Twin 1PV5135-4WS14 AC Induction Motor
1 Siemens Twin 1PV5135-4WS14 AC Induction Motor
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 Siemens 1PV5135 4WS14 AC Induction Motor

This is the TWIN version of our popular Siemens 1PV5135 motor.  Matt Hauber developed a technique for marrying these two motors while retaining separate controls and adding a 1 3/4 inch keyed shaft to the front of the motor replacing the small 26 mm splined shaft that comes with these motors normally.  This configuration allows you to use TWO separate controllers to DOUBLE the power into your drive train. 

This is perhaps the most unusual AC Induction Motor in the world. Siemens makes extremely high quality heavy duty AC induction motors - mostly for yachts and busses, but some trains as well. This motor was specially produced for the Azure Dynamics Ford Transit Connect project and we obtained a large lot of 56 of these motors, brand new in the box, from the Azure Dynamics liquidation auction.

What is so unusual about these motors is that Siemens typically designs very high voltage (600-750v) three phase AC inducdtion motors. This motor was specially produced for AZD and is wound for a relatively low 215vdc.

This motor was bench tested to 297 nm, 221 ft lbs at 300v and 400a.

A few years ago a large lot of Siemens motors from the Ford Ranger Electric project were similarly available and they went like hotcakes. But they had a LOT of problems. It featured a very unusual and hard to deal with shaft and the front bearing was actually open to allow lubrication directly from the Ford differential it was designed to mate with.  You had to replace the front bearing with a difficult to find replacement to use the motor at all and you still had to deal with the geared shaft.

This motor needs no modification. It has a very usuable 24 tooth splined shaft and is fully sealed. This is a HEAVY duty motor, like 190 lbs of heavy. IP67 sealed and features liquid coolng - glycol and water. IT withstands great abuse to the degree you cool it. And we have a great cooling kit available for just such purposes.

The only place we've seen this motor available online was at a price of $9,165. We are going to make these available to our viewers at a third of that But we have 165 of these in stock and when they are gone they are GONE, that's it. We believe that making these motors available to the community will dramatically spur innovation and lead to some fantastic builds among our viewers.

All the advantages of OEM quality maintenance free AC induction motors at the DIY conversion price. But don't delay. We are actually selling these at quite a bit below the wholesale OEM price for such motors and we're already hearing from several entities seeking multi-unit buys on these. They will not last long.   Note that Siemens does not provide any warranty or support for these motors.  They are part of a liquidation sale.

This unit is tagged at a nominal voltage of 215 volts and a continous power rating of 47kW which is somewhat at variance with the data sheet on this motor.  These appear to be specially wound for Azure Dynamics eTransit Connect program.  It was paired with the Azure Dynamics DMOC645 Inverter which is rated at up to 414 amps and 118 kW.
Siemens has provided a power curve showing 297 newton meters - 220  ft-lbs torque at 300v and 400amps up to about 3200 rpm. We think it will do 150kw for brief periods adequantly cooled.

Liquid cooled: 50% glycol/water at 16liters/minute.
Requires a three-phase inverter/controller.

1PV5135 Operating Instructions

1PV5135 Azure Dynamic version Drawing

Azure Dynamic 1PV5135 300v 400a power curve


Support Forum for Siemens 1PV5135 Motor

Siemens has assured us this is all the information they will give out on this motor and they do not want to respond to any support inquiries about this motor.

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