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240VAC 40Amp Portable J1772 Portable EV Charger

240VAC 40Amp Portable J1772 Portable EV Charger

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Here is our faster lightweight J1772 charger that you can use to take with you anywhere, RV Parks, Campgrounds, to have in your garage or just anywhere you find yourself needing a charge. This makes great for when you go on road trips and want to make sure that you can always have a place to plug in. This Charger works with any NEMA 14-50 Plug. This charger is capable of up to 40 Amps and is adjustable to charge from 8-16-32-40 Amps. The charger can fit into your car super easy to wherever you would need to take it.

If Paired with our Tesla to J1772 Adapter this would work great on any trips your Tesla takes you to as well.

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