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China Aviation Lithium Battery Company

CALB CA180FI 180AH LiFePo4 Cell

CALB CA180FI 180AH LiFePo4 Cell

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A new cell from China Aviation Lithium Battery Company with improved power density, improved thermal performance, improved cold weather capacity, and longer cycle life.

180 Amp-hours capacity - 576 Watt-hours.
3.2v nominal voltage
3C continuous current 540 amps
10C impulse current for up to 30 seconds  1800 amps
Charge to 3.60 volts and hold until current decreases to 9 amperes.  0 to 45 Centigrade
Discharge to 2.50 volts.  -20 to 45 Centigrade
Cycle life over 3000 cycles to 80% Depth of Discharge

272x180x71 mm  10.70 x 7.08 x 2.77 inches
12.4 lbs - 5.6 kg

Terminal Bolts M8 x 1.25 16 mm
Torque to 20 newton meters/14.75 ft-lbs


Order 70 mm battery straps to interconnect cells. Each strap includes tinned braided strap, two stainless M8-16 capscrews, and two Nordlock zinc coated XP series conical wedgelock washers. This is correct strap for face to face connections of cells.

To connect cells adjacent or edge-to-edge, order 76mm straps separately.
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