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CALB CA180FI 180Ah LiFePo4 Cell
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A new cell from China Aviation Lithium Battery Company with improved power output (10C - 30 seconds), improved thermal performance, improved cold weather capacity, and longer cycle life.  180 ampere-hour capacity.  3.2v nominal voltage.   576 Watt-hours.

The best battery we've found for electric vehicle applications and far superior to GM or Nissan cells in every way.

Price: $232.00
GUEST Heavy Duty Maintenance Switch
Heavy Duty Maintenance Switch.

This is the newly redesigned GUEST 2304 heavy duty switch.  It has larger 5/8 inch terminals and can handle 600 amps continuously or surges of 1000 amps.

Use this switch to split your battery pack.  Shut it off when doing maintenance or working on your car, or if you are parking your car for extended periods to keep the battery from discharging over time due to parasitic loads.

5 1/2 inches wide and 3 1/2 inches deep.

Price: $199.95
Hydraulic Brake Pressure Transducer
Hydraulic Brake Pressure Transducer let's you set up your AC drivetrain for the ultimate feel in regenerative braking. 


1. Specify 1/4 NPT or 1/8th NPT connection to existing hydraulic brake system.

2. Two foot cable with connetions for 5v power (red) ground (black) and signal (white).

3. 500 psi gauge presssure

4. 0.5 to 4.5v output

5. Withistands pressures to 1500 psi.

Price: $199.95

Powerkey Pro 2400
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The PowerKey Pro was built with two things in mind, make it tough and make it flexible. So we made the PowerKey Pro reprogrammable, relegendable and open. That’s right, open. The PowerKey Pro is an open protocol CAN-BUS keypad the CANopen protocol.


We also believe the most important keypad configuration is your own. So we made reconfiguring the keypad as simple as possible. The address, button functions and LED indicator statuses can all be reprogramed within the keypad itself. 
Price: $199.95
EVnetics 3-Wire Automotive Throttle Position Sensor
EVnetics 3-Wire Automotive Throttle Position Sensor

This is the best device we've found to use your EXISTING vehicle throttle assembly and throttle cable.  This is a 5kohm potentiometer 3 wire device with an arm you can connect the throttle cable to at various points depending on your pedal throw.  You can also position this arm on the device at different angles making mounting very flexible.    It has an excellent automotive grade weatherproof connector.  And it is specifically designed for automotive throttle assemblies.

Red wire for 5v, black for ground, and white carries the 0-5v throttle signal to your controller.
Price: $199.95
WarP 11 Helwig H60 Redtop Brush Kit
Hellwig H60 RedTop Split brush kit for Netgain Motors Warp 11 Motor.  This kit includes 8 Hellwig H60 brushes pre-radiused for the Netgain Warp 11 Commutator and 8 Nord-Lock zinc coated washers.

The H60 is about 2.5 times harder than the old National K49 brushes and features improved commutation due to the split brush design.  This is the ideal brush for street use. 

The new brushes feature four leads instead of two for higher current ability, a mylar sheith on each lead to avoid case shorts, and a closed terminal connection for maximum seating area. 

Lower carbon dust, longer life, better commutation.  These brushes improve your motor significantly.

Price: $199.95

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The EVTV Controller Area Network (CAN) Geopositioning Satellite System receiver receives positioning information from the GPS satellite system and converts it to CAN data frames for use on automotive and marine systems.

It provides data in CAN 11-bit or 29bit format at any CAN data rate.

1.  Speed in whole statue miles per hour.
2.  Direction of travel -Course in degrees to 2 decimal places.
3. Odometer - statute miles travelled since last reset.
4. UTC time hours/minutes/seconds for setting your real time clock
5. Lattitude and longitude to six decimal places (ie 37.123456)

Price: $199.00
Tyco Kilovak EV200 Contactor
EV200AAANA Contactor - High Current Switching Relay with 12vdc coil and 500 amp continous carry capability.  This is used to switch pack voltage to your motor controller.

Designed to be the lowest cost sealed contactor in the industry with its current rating (500+A carry, 2000A interrupt at 320VDC)  Hermetically sealed – intrinsically safe, operates in explosive/harsh environments with no oxidation or contamination of coils or contacts, including long periods of non-operation. Typical applications include battery switching and backup, DC voltage power control, circuit protection and safety Versatile coil and power connections. AIAG QS9000 designed, built and approved  

Price: $199.00
1 Rebling BFS131 Master Disconnect Switch
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 Rebling BFS-131 Master Disconnect High Voltage Interlock Switch is our most powerful switch capable of 600 continuous amps and up to 3000 amperes peak at voltages up to 2500v.

This switch features an OSHA lockout/tagout and an auxilliary microswitch to simultaneously disconnect contactors.  Environmentally sealed to IP67.  Designed specifically for electric vehicles, this is the 800lb gorilla of maintenance switches.
Price: $195.00

Meanwell 500W DC-DC Converter
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 Meanwell 500 Watt DC-DC Converter.  Actually, this unit will operate from either AC (85-264 VAC 47-63 Hz) OR DC (120-370vdc) inputs to produce a stable, isolated 12vdc output at up to 45 amps. 

The DC output is adjustable from 10.8 to 13.2vdc.

Price: $195.00
12v Battery Disconnect
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ProMax 12-Volt Heavy Duty PriorityStart! Automobile Battery Protector / Electronic Cut Off Switch

Heavy Duty Battery Disconnect Switch
-- Maintenance Free & Ecologically Friendly
 -- Totally Automatic Computerized Voltage Disconnect System
 -- Automatic Battery Reconnect that's Convenient & Safe
-- Easy to Attach in just 3 Simple Connections
-- Maximizes Battery Life, Preventing Electrical Damage
-- Disconnect Threshold is Factory Set at 11.7V for 12V Systems
-- Handles 1,000 Starting Amps
-- Designed for an Under-Hood Environment
-- Engine Run & Hazard Light Protection
 -- Universal Design fits both Top & Side-Post Batteries
 -- For Surge Protection / Fully Automatic Engine Starting Protection for your Car, Boat, or other Vehicle
-- Operates only when Accidental Deep Discharge of Vehicle [Auto] or Marine Batteries are Taking Place
-- To Operate Headlight Switch, Step on Brake Pedal, or any other Electrical Accessory, and it will Automatically Reconnect
-- Unit can only be used with Class 1 - 6 Vehicles with a Maximum of 1,000 Peak Starting Amps (Rated at 250 Continuous Amps)
-- Monitors Battery Voltage & Automatically Disconnects any Undesired Drain on your Battery as the Voltage Reduces (when Engine is not running)

How It Works: . PriorityStart! is an automatic heavy duty computerized on/off switching system, protecting battery voltage and starting power. If battery voltage drains below 11.7 volts when engine is off, it automatically disconnects the load. The battery voltage immediately recovers. . TO START: Just step on the brake pedal, and the starting power is automatically reconnected. It is designed to handle 1,000 Starting Amps. (PriorityStart! is not a battery charger or booster that is used after the battery has already been damaged.) Installation: .

PriorityStart! attaches easily to any 12 Volt top or side-post vehicle battery. No modifications are necessary. Three Easy Connections: 1. Connect existing vehicle positive cable to PriorityStart! 2. Connect PriorityStart! cable to battery positive post. 3. Attach ground wire to battery negative post. . 
Price: $189.00
JCD 135 400 Watt DC-DC Converter
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400 WATT ISOLATED 13.6V DC-DC Converter.

This is an EVTV modified Chennic DC-DC Converter.  Converts 144 DC pack voltages to 13.6 vdc to operate your lights, stereo, horn and other vehicle equipment.  This converter is rated at 35 amperes continuous output and we have tested them to 45 amperes for over an hour.   Output is 13.6v at 0 amps down to 12.0v at 35 amps.

This great little converter has gotten a bad reputation largely due to ripple on the battery packs from large controllers.  We think we've solved that by addiing both a high current diode and an inductor.  The diode prevents the internal capacitors from backflushing during accelerations, and the inductor prevents large ripple currents from harming those input capacitors.  A 15 amp fuse provides protection.

Price: $169.95

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