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CAN bus Legacy Instrument Cluster Driver
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Bring that old legacy instrument cluster BACK TO LIFE.

This device allows you to intercept almost any CANbus message with data in  any format, and convert it into drive signals to drive an old style analog Tachometer, Speedometer, fuel gage, temperature gage, or advisory light.

It is a CAN Bus driver for Legacy Instrument Clusters.  It is very configurable for almost any instrument cluster and any CAN data.

Price: $395.00
JCD160 800W  DC-DC Converter
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This is a new isolated Chennic 800 watt DC-DC converter with a very wide DC pack voltage input range.

The isolated DC-DC converter is a device to convert your EV battery pack high voltage down to the 13.6v necessary to run normal automotive headlights, wipers, stereo, etc.

This DC-DC Converter comes in five ranges:   

144V - Suitable for pack voltages from 100vdc to 162vdc
192V - Suitable for pack voltages from 150vdc to 220vdc  
288V - Suitable for pack voltages from 225vdc  to 328vdc
312V - Suitable for pack voltages from 243vdc to 356 vdc
350V - Suitable for pack voltages from 260vdc to 395vdc

Output is a regulated 13.6 vdc up to 60 amperes.
DC-DC Converters: 350V (260-395v)
312v (243-356v)
288v (225-328v)
192v (150-220v)
144v (120-162v)
Price: $395.00
PowerLab 8 Battery WorkStation
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  We've used this Revolectrix CellPro PowerLab 8 device successfully to charge and discharge individual cells quite automatically. Originally designed for the radio controlled helicopter hobby, this device is up to 1344 watts and so offers some pretty interesting utility in charging, discharging, and bottom balancing individual cells, even fairly large ones.

Used in conjunction with a 12v battery source, the part we like best is its ability to discharge cells at rates up to 30 amperes recovering the energy INTO the 12volt battery.   Additionally, you can do a  constant current/constant voltage discharge to pretty much nail any bottom balance voltage you desire.

Price: $379.00

GE Nighthawk 7" Round LED Headlamp
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 This is a revolutionary 7 inch round LED headlamp. The rugged design replaces conventional sealed beam halogen products, operates close to daylight (5,600 degrees Kelvin) color temperature, and has extremely long life of 15,000 hours versus GE's standard headlamp of 320 hours. The headlamp is split horizontally with the low beam emitted from the top half and the high beam from the lower half. High impact resistant, non-yellowing polycarbonate lens, die-cast aluminum housing and solid state electronics sealed in epoxy ensures vibration resistance.
Price: $365.00
Fluke Model 233 Multimeter
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The NEW Fluke 233 True-rms Remote Display Digital Multimeter gives you ultimate flexibility in unusual measurement scenarios. Place the removable display where you can see it and then put the meter where it is convenient for you-no more juggling of leads and the meter while stretching into a tight spot. You can now take measurements in hard-to-reach places, where machines or panels are physically separated from a limit or isolator switch, or in user prohibited areas such as clean rooms or hazardous areas.

Imagine the possibilities! What would you do if you could be in two places at once?

Price: $349.00
Ferraz Shawmut A50QS1000-4 Semiconductor Fuse
Ferraz Shawmut 1000 ampere 500 volt fuse .  Install between pack and controller to protect drivetrain and batteeries.  This fuse will handle 2500-3000 amps for 20 seconds.  This is for very high powered systems and racing

Shown on FH50F5 fuse block. *

* Fuse block not included - available separately.

Price: $345.00

1 Rebling7009 Hi Temp Receptacle and Mating T Handle Connector
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 Rebling 7009 high temperature 500F receptacle and gasket is the female battery connector for your next battery box.  Carries 750 amps of continous current or up to 1500 amperes peak. It has a lower resistance solid terminal post than the 7002 series and a much higher temperature resistance. The Rebling 7016-1 T-handle plug is ideal for cable terminals up to 3/0.

Rebling plastics has developed a line of high quality high current milspec battery connectors used primarily in aviation applications.  Pricey, but extremely safe and extremely durable, these will last in electric vehicles for years providing a very low resistance high current connection with the convenience of a half-turn handle to disconnect the pack.

Price: $345.00
5 inch Flywheel Coupler Blank
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Couplers fit any standardized 24 spline motor including TM4, Siemens, UQM & Remy. These are very snug fit couplers to fit over the splined shaft of motors such as the Siemens and UQM. You must heat them to about 300F to install them over the splined shaft. When cool, they will have a very tight fit. They are also blank. This is so you can machine them further to fit specific flywheels and horizontal distances from motor face. So additional machining will normally be required. These couplers represent the hard part - Electric Discharge Machining to produce the involute spline for the motor shaft. These blanks are then further machined to fit flywheels normally.
Price: $337.00
Cables for Brusa
Cables for Brusa NLG513

We located a few Azure Dynamics eTransit Connect wiring harnesses for the Brusa NLG513 charger.  This consists of a battery cable with 5pin connector to connect to the traction battery pack, and a mains cable with SAE J1772-2010 charge port.  These are high quality cables built for the eTransit Connect Vehicle.

The Brusa NLG513 ships with the connector parts you need to make up such cables.  These are assembled cables.

Price: $299.00

Volt/Amp/kWh Coulometer
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MYPIN Coulometer

This meter is a little larger than our JLD404.  It displays Kilowatt Hours kWh, Voltage, and Current simultaneously with large red easy to read numerals.

While AmpHours are a pretty good measure of used pack energy, kWh are actually slightly better.  They are a function of both voltage AND current so as your pack voltage changes, your amp-hour rate will as well.  But kWh measure both voltage and current for a slightly more accurate measure of power.

Additinoally, this meter lets you monitor voltage, current, AND kilowatt hours simultaneously.

Price: $299.00
Azure Dynamics Axiomatic Wake-On-Charge Module
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 P/N105200 +A Azure Dynamics Wake On CHarge module used on the Ford eTransit Connect.

High failure item preventing the battery from charging.
Price: $295.00
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Marine Grade.  This is a very unusual charge controller in that it can charge a battery of a HIGHER voltage than the solar panel output that feeds it.  In this way, you can charge a nominal 48v lithium  battery pack to a precise 56.8v using a solar panel that puts out 33v at its maximum power point.  This is the only device we've found that will do that.

We had these specially made by Genusun in their waterproof casing - fully potted and in a plastic enclosure.  This will last forever in marine/boat applications as well as golf cart canopies or other outdoor in the weather applications.

This one is designed to charge 16 LiFePo4 cells to 56.8v using a Constant Current/Constant Voltage charge curve perfect for our LiFePo4 cells.  

But it can do it from ANY of our flexible solar panels - a single panel. 

Why?  Put a single panel on the roof of your golf cart or the deck of your john boat and use this to charge a 48v battery pack at up to 8 amps.  It could not be simpler.  We haven't seen anything else out there like this "boost" charge controller device.
Price: $295.00

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