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Power Grip Adapter 30 amp male plug to a 15 amp female receptacle
This is the "must have" for every traveling EV toolbox. It  allows you to Level 1 Charge at any RV park or campground that has the standard 30 amp service and not heat up your cords or equipment, Easy to grip and plug in a regular extension cord. Keep one handy-chances are you'll use it.
Price: $7.55
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AGU Fuses 5 Pack
As your power hungry components draw power a simple short circuit can do damage, that's why you need AGU fuses. AGU fuses are clear for easy visual inspection and the brass construction combines to provide high conductivity ,corrosion resistance and an attractive appearance. Simply put AGU fuses safeguard components.
Price: $6.50
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Ratcheting Terminal Crimping Kit
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Easy to use crimping tool which will crimp the TE Ampseal automotive pins along with a number of others.  Plastic case and seven different die sets. 

Features an unusual disengagement lever at the top of the handle that lets you release a pin before fully compressing it.

Price: $112.00
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AN-8 One Way Check Valve
Inline One-Way Non-return Checkvalve.  Male AN-8 fittings.  Flow direction clearly marked.
Price: $24.95
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Anodized Aluminum Hose End AN-8 straight
 Black Anodized aircraft aluminum AN-8 hose end straight.
Price: $11.95
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Anodized Aluminum NPT 1/2 Adapter AN-8
 Black Anodized aircraft aluminum AN-8 male thread to NPT 1/2 inch male thread
Price: $7.95
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Anodized Aluminum NPT 3/8 Adapter AN-8
 Black Anodized aircraft aluminum AN-8 male thread to NPT 3/8 inch male thread
Price: $7.75
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AN-8 Cooling Kit
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It surprises many that you need liquid cooling in an electric car, but modern high powered IGBT power switching circuitry can be smaller, operate better, and last longer if it is liquid cooled.  And getting power out of an electric motor is really about getting the heat out.  And liquid cooling is just many times more effective than air cooling.

But we don't like leaks.  And so at EVTV we use AN fittings and hose ends with nylon braided hose. Properly assembled, these anodized aluminum hose ends will just never let go and they almost never leak.  So we've adopted the hardware used by race and custom car enthusiasts for transmission coolers, for use in our electric cars.  These are the highest quality components avialable.

AN-8 is nominally 1/2 inch hose equivalent while AN-6 corresponds to 3/8 hose.  The larger the hose, the more fluid flows per unit time.  And the more efficient your cooling will be.

Price: $995.00
Anderson SB50 Two Pack
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2 Pack, 2 Complete Connectors Anderson SB50 Connector Kit Gray 6319G1 50 Amp Rating AC/DC Gray housing, 10/12 AWG Maximum Wire Anderson Connectors are designed to plug into each other. They are not Male/Female
Price: $12.95
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Billet J1772 Charge Port Kit for Electric Vehicles
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Solid 6061 billet aluminum SAE-J1772-2010 Charge Port for your electric vehicle WITH the AVC2 circuit to respond to control pilot signals and proximity switch.

This device includes a relay you can use to disable your controller or perform other actions (turn on dash indicator?) whenever your car is connected to J1772 EVSE.

Complete instructions for adding J1772 charge capability to any electric vehicle.

Billet aluminum connector lasts forever and looks great on your vehilcle. Everyone wants to see "where you plug it in." Make yours look truly professional.

Make use of thousands of J1772 charge stations across the country.

Price: $279.00
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12v Battery Disconnect
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ProMax 12-Volt Heavy Duty PriorityStart! Automobile Battery Protector / Electronic Cut Off Switch

Heavy Duty Battery Disconnect Switch
-- Maintenance Free & Ecologically Friendly
 -- Totally Automatic Computerized Voltage Disconnect System
 -- Automatic Battery Reconnect that's Convenient & Safe
-- Easy to Attach in just 3 Simple Connections
-- Maximizes Battery Life, Preventing Electrical Damage
-- Disconnect Threshold is Factory Set at 11.7V for 12V Systems
-- Handles 1,000 Starting Amps
-- Designed for an Under-Hood Environment
-- Engine Run & Hazard Light Protection
 -- Universal Design fits both Top & Side-Post Batteries
 -- For Surge Protection / Fully Automatic Engine Starting Protection for your Car, Boat, or other Vehicle
-- Operates only when Accidental Deep Discharge of Vehicle [Auto] or Marine Batteries are Taking Place
-- To Operate Headlight Switch, Step on Brake Pedal, or any other Electrical Accessory, and it will Automatically Reconnect
-- Unit can only be used with Class 1 - 6 Vehicles with a Maximum of 1,000 Peak Starting Amps (Rated at 250 Continuous Amps)
-- Monitors Battery Voltage & Automatically Disconnects any Undesired Drain on your Battery as the Voltage Reduces (when Engine is not running)

How It Works: . PriorityStart! is an automatic heavy duty computerized on/off switching system, protecting battery voltage and starting power. If battery voltage drains below 11.7 volts when engine is off, it automatically disconnects the load. The battery voltage immediately recovers. . TO START: Just step on the brake pedal, and the starting power is automatically reconnected. It is designed to handle 1,000 Starting Amps. (PriorityStart! is not a battery charger or booster that is used after the battery has already been damaged.) Installation: .

PriorityStart! attaches easily to any 12 Volt top or side-post vehicle battery. No modifications are necessary. Three Easy Connections: 1. Connect existing vehicle positive cable to PriorityStart! 2. Connect PriorityStart! cable to battery positive post. 3. Attach ground wire to battery negative post. . 
Price: $189.00
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EVTV Battery Display
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 This Battery Display is included in the Battery Module Controller Version 2 for Tesla Model S Battery Modules.  It is provided here separately for those wishing to add additional Battery Displays for viewing in multiple locations.

This display features a brilliant 7-inch touchscreen display of all your Tesla Battery Module Controller data including power output, current, voltage of each individual cell and state of charge. It allows you to easily modify the configurtion of your system remotely. 
Other Features:

1. UDP Wireless connectivity through your existing WIFI Hub Router.
2. Onboard data logging.
3. Built in web server displaying historical data in graph form.
4. Remote connectivity using Amazon AWS IoT Core.
5. One click Online Software Updates.
6. Built in VNC server - Remote screen sharing using VNC Viewer.
Price: $395.00
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