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Volt 2kW Accessory Power Module DC-DC CONVERTER
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The Chevrolet Volt Accessory Power Module DC-DC converter  produces DC voltages in hybrid and electric vehicles necessary to power 12VDC based components. Air cooled, the DC/DC converter operates at input voltages from 260 to 420VDC at up to 165 amps at 12volts.
Price: $995.00
1 Yazaki CHAdeMO DC Inlet
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 Yazaki X1DT0028 Chademo DC Fast Charge Inlet.  This is probably the highest quality CHAdeMO DC charging inlet available.  Comes with 3 feet of cable.  2 power cables and 7 signal wires.  Rated at 500vdc and 120Amps.

Dampered weather cover.

This is the inlet you need to make your electric car CHADEMO fast charge capable.  Other electronics are required.  But this is where it starts.
Price: $895.00
Lithium Fire Extinguisher 2.5 Gallon Class D
 This is a 2.5 gallon pressurized fire extinguisher.  But instead of water, it is chargeed with Spectrum FX Firebane 1179 - an aqueous based class D extinguishing agent specially formulated for metal fires and curiously effective at extinguishing lithium battery fires.

This extinguishing agent is entirely non-toxic and environmentally safe.
Price: $895.00

EVTV Custom CAN Gage Set
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EVTV has worked with Speedhut to develop a custom gage set for use in our Tesla Drive Unit that displays vehicle data received on the Controller Area Network or CAN bus.

This gage set uses standard J1979 CAN Parameter Identifiers or PIDS for speed, rpm, engine coolant temperature, fuel level and auxiliary voltage.  But we have modified these gages to show Electric Vehicle State of Charge (SOC) on the fuel level indicator, inverter temperature on the engine coolant gage, and pack voltage on the aux 12v gage.  The gages have been custom printed to show these values and we have scaled those values as appropriate.  Additionally, we use the Tachometer for both RPM and AMPS as desired.

These gages can easily be adapted to any CAN based control system on any electric vehicle.


Price: $849.95
Gigavac GX110 1000 Ampere Contactor
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This is the highest power contactor relay we have found.  It will do 1000 amperes of current continuously at up to 800volts and 5000 amperes for up to 10 seconds.  It is overkill for most electric vehicle builds but for the ultimate in safety and power switching capability, this is the 800 lb gorilla.

Relay is normally open.  Coil powered by 12v.  Draws up to 5.6 amps to close but holds position with 1.3 amps at 12v.  No coil suppression diodes required as internal coil suppression is provided.

The ultimate contactor.  We haven't found anything larger.
Price: $849.00
Billet Aluminum Siamese Motor Adapter
This billet aluminum siamese motor adapter was designed by Wayne Alexander of EV blue to mate two Netgain Warp 9 or two Warp 11 motors end to end.

One side of the adapter mates to the drive end of one motor, and the other side mates to the aux end of the other motor.

We've added four Grade 9 steel 3/16 bolts and  four Nordlock washers for the aux end.  We've also added four Grade 9 3/8 bolts and Nordlock washers to for the drive end.

You will need to devise a shaft coupler and as the available shafts vary, we'll leave that to you.  The adapter mates two motors for twice the power.

Price: $849.00

Benling 27cc A/C Scroll Compressor
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 This is an excellent electric air conditioning 27cc high precision orbital scroll compressor available in two voltage ranges: 110-200v and 220-400v.  A permanent magnet brushless DC motor features an integral inverter/controller built into a very compact lightweight package.  But it is POWERFUL at up to 9 Nm in torque to produce 15700BTU/hr output at 6000 rpm.  It's also surprisingly quiet at 76 dB'

The control cable uses 12v input, a 12v enable signal, and a 12v 400Hz PWM signal to vary the speed (and cooling power) between 1000 and 6000 rpm.

It is absolutely TINY at 6.3 kilograms.
Price: $799.00
1200 watt Isolated DC-DC Converter
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This device takes an input voltage of nominally 168 vdc (144vdc to 204 vdc) and converts it to a 13.8 vdc output at up to 100 amperes.

Price: $795.00
THQ1200-14 1200 watt DC-DC Converter
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 This is the largest DC-DC converter we carry - 1200 watts and 85 amps at 13.2volts.

It is also most appropriate for high voltage EV systems and comes in two models 200-400v and 300-440v.

It needs no precharge or protection circuitry, but we still recommend and include our input diode to prevent dumps OUT of the input when accelerating.

THQ1200: 200-400v (336 typical)
300-450V (384 typical)
Price: $735.00

EVIC Display for Curtis 1238/1239
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 Electric Vehicle Interface Controller (EVIC) for the Curtis 1238 and 1239 Motor Controllers from High Performance Electric Vehicles Systems (HPEVS).

This device provides a dazzling 840x480 color display for data received from the Curtis 1238/1239 Motor Controller including temperatures, rpm, motor voltage, pack voltage and current.

It gets information from the HPEVS version of the Curtis 1238/1239 through the CAN bus port pins on the motor controller.  No real setup required.  Wire it to the CAN pins and 12v power and you have a beautiful interface to your system.

This model does NOT feature Touch Screen
Price: $695.00
Andromeda Interface for GEVCU
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Andomeda Interfaces has done a special version of their EVIC display for our Generalized Electric Vehicle Control Unit or GEVCU.  And we've revised our software version 5.220 to make use of this display to display:

Tachometer - motor rpm
Motor temperature
Inverter Temperature
State of Charge of Battery Pack
With a display wide bar showing motor current as negative for forward with a separate bar for positive (regen) current.

Price: $695.00
EVIC Display for Orion BMS
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 Electric Vehicle Interface Controller (EVIC) for the Orion BMS
This device provides a dazzling 840x480 color display for data received from the Orion BMS about battery pack voltages, currents and temperatures.

It gets information from the Orion CAN bus port t
 No real setup required.  Wire it to the CAN pins and 12v power and you have a beautiful interface to your system.

This model does  feature Touch Screen
Price: $695.00

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