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36kW MPPT Solar Charge Controller for Tesla Model S Battery
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 There are now over ONE BRAZLLIAN different weeny cheap charge controllers in the solar market.  ALL of them are for 24/36/48 vdc and do less than 3 kW.  Worse, ALMOST all of them allow a Photovoltaic Arrary input of a MAXIMUM of 100 or 150vdc.

And almost all currently grid-tied professional solar installations use PV array strings of 400 to 600 vdc.  This allows the use of smaller cables and less line loss on longer cable runs.

We had this controller designed specifically to charge the Tesla Model S full battery pack at up to 400vdc.  And we insisted on a PV array input maximum of 750 vdc.  Bettter it features a whopping 36kW of power putting out up to 100A at 360vdc to your battery.  That means you can FULLY charge a Tesla Model S 85kWh battery pack in less than 3 hours of sunshine.

It's the most powerful solar charge controller we have seen.  It has the highest max PV input voltage.  And we just can't find anything to charge a battery to 400vdc.   Not just at this price point.  At ANY price point.

It's simple.  It's powerful.  And it's selfish.  It does one thing, and it does it very very well.

Price: $1,995.00
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Brammo  GVM Traction Motor
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This is a close variant to the motor BRAMMO uses for their famous motorcycles.  This version produces 40kW peak power (74 Newton Meters/54.5 ft lbs.).  This is a very small, light, powerful liquid cooled motor ideal for motorcycle applications.

 Internal Permanent Magnet AC (IPMAC) motor with six poles and capable of voltages up to 450vdc and currents up to 600A rms.  Produces 52 horsepower at 5000 rpm in a package 7 inches in diameter and 10 inches long weighing just 32 lbs.  That's 2.5kW per kilogram.

We picked up a small number of this from a company who never had them out of the box.  These motors list for over $3500 from BRAMMO. 

List Price: $3,500.00
Price: $1,995.00
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Brusa NLG513-U1-O1l Charger
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Brusa NLG513-U1-O1l 3.3kW Charger 

Our first charger was a Brusa NLG513 model and we use them still in Speedster Redux, the Electric Spyder 550 and the 2009 Mini Cooper Clubman.

These chargers are quite configurable, very high quality fo build, and reliable. They are also largely unsupported here in the U.S. by the manufacturer. So its been awhile since we've purchased any.

As part of the Azure Dynamics Liquidation auction we purchased a block lot of 48 of these excellent chargers new in box on a pallet. And so we are able to offer the to our viewers for a limited time at a firesale price. 

Excellent for use as Selfish Solar isolated charger for Tesla Battery Packs.
List Price: $2,995.00
Price: $1,995.00
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Lektric Kooter -  FREE SHIPPING
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 At $1995, we include flat rate shipping to anywhere in the continental United States for FREE.

The Lektrik Kooter - an electric scooter for for gentlemen of season - and of course young affluent urban metrosexuals.  Electric scooter - 24 mile range - 20 mph top speed.  Includes the Milk Krate for Kooters.  Carries groceries, books, helmet, etc easily.

Easy to sit down on, easy to balance, easy to charge.  At 32Wh per mile this may be the most energy efficient transportation we've worked with.  The pickup truck of electric scooters.
Price: $1,995.00
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Quaife ATB Limited Slip Differential for Tesla Model S
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 The QDH2T is a direct replacement for the standard open differential in the Tesla Model S.

Unlike a conventional plate-style limited slip differential, the Quaife ATB differential relies on gears rather than clutch plates for its operation. That means it is much smoother in operation.

The ATB differential never locks harshly with a set pre-load of wheel slip across the driven axle, like a conventional LSD. Rather, it automatically biases the torque away from the spinning wheel across the axle, to a constantly varying degree, and never locks.

The ATB differential has many benefits over a standard open differential, including maximising traction and minimizing wheelspin, eliminating torque steer and snatching in front wheel drive cars compared to conventional LSD units, and a maintenance-free design which retains the standard oil lubrication.

The ATB differential is proven in circuit and drag racing, rallying and road use, and is produced from Corus steel billets, and is CAD designed and CNC machined, then inspected to ISO 9001 standards.

With over 370 applications, the Quaife ATB Helical LSD differential is second to none. Accept no imitations!

Quaife ATB differentials are used by Ford, General Motors and Daimler-Chrysler as original equipment.

The Quaife ATB differential is also now subject to a lifetime warranty (subject to terms and conditions).

Please confirm your application using the attached technical drawing.

Price: $1,995.00
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Lektric Kooter -  LOCAL PICKUP
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The Lektrik Kooter - an electric scooter for for gentlemen of season - and of course young affluent urban metrosexuals.  Electric scooter - 24 mile range - 20 mph top speed.  Includes the Milk Krate for Kooters.  Carries groceries, books, helmet, etc easily.

Easy to sit down on, easy to balance, easy to charge.  At 32Wh per mile this may be the most energy efficient transportation we've worked with.  The pickup truck of electric scooters.
Price: $1,795.00
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Chevy Volt Lear 3.3kW Charger with CAN Controller and Connectors
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 3.3 kW liquid cooled Lear Charger.  200-420v output.  Up to 11 amperes.

This OEM quality charger is used in the  Chevy Volt.  Includes an EVTV CAN controller allowing you to set the charge voltage and current.  Also includes both genuine Delphi connectors for the AC input cables and the DC output cables.  

Water cooled.

Price: $1,795.00
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Tesla Model S Battery Module Controller Basics Kit
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 The Tesla Model S Battery Module features it's own proprietary Battery Management System board that reports the voltage of each cell in the module, temperature of each module terminal, and can actively balance each cell in the module.  But it uses a very proprietary serial communications scheme to report this to the main BMS board in the Tesla Battery Pack.

We have reverse engineered this scheme and developed a specifically designed shield to communicate with it, along with a series of cable harnesses to connect to the batrtery modules.  

This shield mounts on our EVTVDue microcontroller to provide an embedded system to control and monitor up to 62 individual battery modules.

Beyond voltage and temperature monitoring and balancing, this controller has the capability to operate two Gigavac contactors to connect your system but more importantly, to DISCONNECT it if any cell goes beyond voltage or temperature limits YOU set.  And it does much more, like control external MPPT charge controllers and heating or cooling.  It also provides CAN ports to communicate with your other equipment or support inverters such as the Sunny Island 6048.

We've gone to some lengths to develop a complete software solution you can configure and observe with a laptop computer and USB connection using simple ASCII text commands. But this solution requires a certain set of other componentts to operate.  This kit contains the minimal system required to satisfy the software.
Price: $1,517.75
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Hot Water Heating Kit
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This is a reproduction of our glycol heating system used in the Cadillac Escalade EXT Electric project.  We made about five different runs at this before getting it right.  It now works in stellar fashion giving us the original heating system that came with the vehicle.
Most modern vehicles use 195F water from the engine for heating and offer a simple inlet and outlet to the engine from the vehicle heat exchanger.  This extensive kti allows you to simulate that engine heat with a 5kW industrial strength electric heater.  Yes, it will decrease your range.  You may find that an acceptable trade on a four-mile drive at 10F ambient.  We certainly do.

Price: $1,495.00
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The Delphi™ DC-DC converter gives you extreme performance and highly efficient power when and where you need it. The manufactured 2.2kW unit creates DC voltages in hybrid and electric vehicles necessary to power 12VDC based components. Liquid-cooled, the DC/DC converter operates at input voltages from 216 to 422VDC with a bi-directional power range max 2.2kW.

Price: $1,395.00
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1 Siemens 1PV5135-4WS14 AC Induction Motor
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Siemens 1PV5135 4WS14 AC Induction Motor

This is perhaps the most unusual AC Induction Motor in the world.  Siemens makes extremely high quality heavy duty AC induction motors - mostly for yachts and busses, but some trains as well.  This motor was specially produced for the Azure Dynamics Ford eTransit Connect project and we obtained a large lot  of these motors, brand new in the box, from the Azure Dynamics liquidation auction.

What is so unusual about these motors is that Siemens typically designs very high voltage (600-750v) three phase AC induction motors.  This motor was specially produced for AZD and is wound for a relatively low 215vdc.  Azure Dynamics used them with a 335v pack using their DMOC645 inverter controller.

These are voltages much more amenable to conversion vehicles.  The motor was tested to 221 foot lbs - 297 Newton Meters at 300v and 400 amps.  This is the equivalent of 134 horsepower.

Liquid cooled: 50% glycol/water at 16 liters/min

This unit is tagged at a nominal voltage of 215 volts and 47 kW continous power at variance with the data sheet on this motor.  It was probably specially wound by Seimens for the Azure Dynamics eTransit Connect project.

List Price: $3,495.00
Price: $1,295.00
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SETEC Chademo Plug with 15ft cable
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 plug and cable.  
This plug features a heavy duty 15 foot cable and is rated for 110,000 insertions  CHADEMO
 1.0 lock/release button lights during charging.
-30C to +50C operation. 


Price: $1,295.00
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