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Vicor VI-J1N 75W 48 to 12vdc DC-DC converter
 This half brick isolated DC-DC converter features an input range of 36-76vdc and an output voltage that can be adjusted around the nominal 12vdc output.  Capable of 75 watts of power up to 6.25 Amps. This version features a flat plate heat sink for easy mounting and a small physical size.
Price: $129.95
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Flexible Solar Panel 120w
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This lightweight, high efficiency solar panel is unusually well suited to electric boats, aircraft, RVs and  electric vehicles.  Here's why:  

LIGHT WEIGHT at just 2.45 kilograms - 5.4 pounds each.

VERY THIN - just 3 mm (0.118 inches) thick and built on a very durable flexible acrylic sheet.  This means you can mount it on curved surfaces with minimal wind resistance.  About 30% deflection is possible.

VERY HIGH EFFICIENCY -  20-23%.  This panel is made for EVTV in China using a special laminate. But the individual cells are made in the U.S. by SUNPOWER using their MAXEON back connect technology for efficiencies up to 24%.

What this means is that you can put solar panels in places impractical before.  The lightweight, thin, flexible panels can be attached to RV roofs, boat decks, canopies, and places where the usual 45 lb stiff framed glass panels would simply be absurd.

And since real estate on these "vehicle" applications is limited, paying for the extra efficiency of these superior cells actually makes sens

Price: $79.00
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1.8 kW TCCH CAN Controlled Charger 18-66v
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 This is a great little CAN controlled charger for Tesla Model S battery Modules.  It can charge from 18 to 66 volts at up to 25 amps and 1.8kw.  Uses either 120vac (700 watts) or 240vac (1800 watts) input.  And so it is perfect for single modules charging to 25 volts or a 48v system charging to 51 volts.
Price: $595.00
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ISAscale  1000A High Precision CAN Shunt
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 This CAN device measures up to 3 battery pack voltage segments, with full isolation, on packs up to 800v, and is rated for 1,000 Amp current measurement.  You can run up to 2000 amps for up to 10seconds.  Best of all, it reports these three voltages and this highly accurate 0.1% current measurement using standard CAN messages.

But wait, there's more.  Temperature.  Ampere-Hours are accumulated.  kWh are accumulated.  All available by CAN.  This one device essentially IS a Battery Monitoring System.  We found it looking for something that would measure 1000-1300 amps we will encounter with the Tesla Model S Drive Trains.

Price: $395.00
4AN to 6AN Bulkead Adapter
 4AN to 6AN Bulkhead Adapter.  We use these to mount in the wall of a cabinet.  It allows us to connect the 4AN hose on the inside of the cabinet that connects to Tesla battery module cooling fittings.
We put the 6AN side on the outside allowing us to connect larger coolant hoses externally with the pump and heater or heat exchanger.

Price: $29.95
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-4 AN Black Nylon Braided Hose
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 10-ft sectuib if AN4 Black Nylon Braided Hose.  This 350psi high quality hose has an inner diameter of 0.22 inches - just perfect to fit over the Tesla Model S Battery module coolant fittings.
Price: $32.95

4AN Hose Fitting
Female  Hose end for 4 AN hose.
Price: $11.95
-4 AN RedNylon Braided Hose
 10-ft sectuib if AN4 Red Nylon Braided Hose.  This 350psi high quality hose has an inner diameter of 0.22 inches - just perfect to fit over the Tesla Model S Battery module coolant fittings.

How does it differ from the less expensive black braided nylong hose?  Easy.  It's red.
Price: $59.95
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6AN Hose Fitting
Female  Hose end for 6 AN hose.
Price: $11.95
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Braided Nylon Reinforced Hose AN-6
 Stainless Steel Reinforced Braided Nylon Line - Size AN-6 

This high quality hose is designed to carry fuel, oil, water, other liquids and is perfect for EV cooling systems carrying 50% ethylene glycol and water.  Stainless steel reinforcement provides strength while the braided nylon sheath protects from abrasion and chafing while providing outstanding flexibility.  Inner tubing is a CPE sythetic resistant to almost any chemical or fluid.  Withstands temperatures from -40F to 350F and pressures to 1500 psi.

Inner diameter is 3/8 inch AN-6 - perfect for use with the Summit Racing AN-6 series fittings we use for such cooling systems for inverters, controllers, and liquid cooled motors.  This tubing also easily withstands temperatures for vehicle heating systems.

Price: $59.95
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EVTV Custom CAN Gage Set
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EVTV has worked with Speedhut to develop a custom gage set for use in our Tesla Drive Unit that displays vehicle data received on the Controller Area Network or CAN bus.

This gage set uses standard J1979 CAN Parameter Identifiers or PIDS for speed, rpm, engine coolant temperature, fuel level and auxiliary voltage.  But we have modified these gages to show Electric Vehicle State of Charge (SOC) on the fuel level indicator, inverter temperature on the engine coolant gage, and pack voltage on the aux 12v gage.  The gages have been custom printed to show these values and we have scaled those values as appropriate.  Additionally, we use the Tachometer for both RPM and AMPS as desired.

These gages can easily be adapted to any CAN based control system on any electric vehicle.


Price: $849.95
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Solar Surge Protector
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Protect your system from lightning strikes with the Midnite Solar Surge Protective Device (SPD). Designed for both AC and DC solar electric systems, it provides protection to service panels, load centers, or where the surge protector is directly connected.
Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, the SPD is offered in three different voltages—115, 300 and 600 volts. Protection is achieved by reducing the clamping voltage to a safe level that your system can sustain and that won't damage electronic components.
This Midnite Solar surge suppressor is a welcome replacement to arrestors that have been used in the past. Providing eight times the protection as previous arrestors, it is much better at clamping surges to a safe voltage.
Price: $119.95
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