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OBDII Female Connector (car side)
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All vehicles since 1996 have featured an OBDII connector under the steering wheel and there are numerous applications and modules to read ECU data through this port.

Older cars do not have them.  Now with a GEVCU, they can.  But you need the port to install under the steering wheel.  This is the female connector installed in the car that you plug into.

Inexpensive plastic shroud and some pins.  You simply run 12v power, ground, and two CANbus lines to the connector.
Price: $12.95
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8-port RJ-45 Patch Panel
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This is a well built little patch panel box with metal enclosure.  We punch down pin1 (ground), pin 4(CANHI) pin 5(CANLO) and pin 9 (12v) to match our scheme for carrying CAN and 12v power over CAT5 cables for the EVIC display, 6.6kw chargers, CAN GPS Real Time Clock module, and future enhancements to our battery controllers.  This little box let's you easily and conveniently plug in a display, two or three chargers, etc all with access to the battery controller CAN bus.
Price: $89.00
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30kWh 48v Home Solar Battery from Tesla Modules
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THIS IS A KIT for a 30 kWh 48vdc home solar battery storage unit made from six Tesla Model S battery modules mounted in a 12 gage NEMA Enclosure.  The electronics provide full control of precharge and contactors and the device intelligently uses the Batery Management System boards mounted on the modules by Tesla.  Automatically disconnects on overcharge or overdischarge, timperature, or imbalance between the cells.

Price: $12,995.00
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CAT6 RJ45 Through Bulkhead IP67 Feedthrough Connector
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The cat 6 RJ45 shielded industrial panel mount is a female/female couple with 50 micron gold plated contact pins that are made to last on the panel mount bulkhead. It mounts from the front.  includes a water/dust cap that meets IP67 Water Protection and two o-rings.

We have adopted the CAT6 RJ-45 for use in providing Controller Area Network (CAN) connections.

Pin 1 - Orange/white -  12vdc
Pin 4 - Blue               - CANHI
Pin 5 - Blue/White     - CANLO
Pin 8 - Brown            - 12v rtn

Price: $17.95
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Ethernet Connector RJ45 Socket Port Panel Mount Waterproof IP67 Heavy Duty
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 Zinc Alloy/Plastic IP67 RJ-45 Bulkhead connector 24mm.  Ideal for passing CAN data into an enclosure via CAT5 cable.
Price: $11.95
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Ethernet Connector RJ45 Male Plug Outdoor Waterproof IP67 Metal Heavy Duty
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 Zinc Alloy/Plastic IP67 RJ-45 Plug. Weatherproof 1/4 Bayonet Guard for CAT5 cables connecting to RJ-45 bulkehead connector.  Ideal for EVTV CAN over CAT5 communications.
Price: $15.49
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USB 3.0 Type A Connector Male Plug Waterproof IP67 w/20" Cable Metal
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 Type A USB 3.0 Through Bulkhead connector.  IP67
Price: $19.95
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USB 3.0 Panel Pass Connector Female Socket Port Waterproof IP67
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 IP67 Builkhead Feedthrough Connector for USB 3.0 Type A.

Price: $13.95
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2 Pin 12v Power Connector Male Plug Waterproof Outdoor IP67 Metal Case
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 IP67 Plug for 12v power.  Two pin connector provides for 12vdc and switched return to activate relays/contactors from the Tesla BMS Module Controller.  Plugs into IP67 2-pin bulkhead connector.
Price: $13.95
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2 Pin 12v Power Connector Female Socket Waterproof Outdoor IP67 Metal Case
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 This is a 2-pin IP67 all metal bulkhead connector ideal for providing 12v and switched ground from our Tesla Battery Module BMS controller through a weather proof enclosure.  Mates with IP67 2-pin plug.
Price: $9.95
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CAN Crocodile
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CAN CROCODILE is a attachment sensor to detect CAN messages on CAN wires without damaging the wires.  It can be used to READ and log CAN messages 
but does not allow you to send them.  It provides a good means of checking wires for CAN activity and to determine if it is the desired CAN bus.

It has no real CAN capability other than it can sniff CAN messages electromagnetically and send them to your device as a normal CAN level differential signal.

Safe connection to CAN bus

CANCrocodile does no damage to insulation of wires and has no direct electrical contact with CANbus. Data reading occurc in a contactless way – CANCrocodile detects magnetic field around CAN-High and CAN-Low wires.

Strong fixation of CAN bus wires

The design of the body provides perpendicular fixing of the wires to reading surface. This way of fixing will not allow the CAN bus wires to slip from the CANCrocodile reading surface.

A soft pressure pad in the upper part of the housing tightly presses the wires to reading surface.

LED indication of operation modes

Red indicator – power is on, blinking green indicator – messages receipt from CAN bus. Indicaters allow to test the operability of the reader without dismantling and connecting to monitoring terminal.


Price: $98.00
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CAN bus Legacy Instrument Cluster Driver
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Bring that old legacy instrument cluster BACK TO LIFE.

This device allows you to intercept almost any CANbus message with data in  any format, and convert it into drive signals to drive an old style analog Tachometer, Speedometer, fuel gage, temperature gage, or advisory light.

It is a CAN Bus driver for Legacy Instrument Clusters.  It is very configurable for almost any instrument cluster and any CAN data.

Price: $395.00
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