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RED LED Black Pushbutton Latching Switch
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RED LED Black Pushbutton Switch. Normally open. Depress switch to latch closed. Press again to release back to open. 3A/250v. LED 5-12v
Price: $12.95
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Red LED chrome Pushbutton Latching Switch
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RED LED Pushbutton Switch. Normally open. Depress switch to latch closed. Press again to release back to open. 3A/250v. LED 5-12v
Price: $18.95
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PowerLab 8 Battery WorkStation
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  We've used this Revolectrix CellPro PowerLab 8 device successfully to charge and discharge individual cells quite automatically. Originally designed for the radio controlled helicopter hobby, this device is up to 1344 watts and so offers some pretty interesting utility in charging, discharging, and bottom balancing individual cells, even fairly large ones.

Used in conjunction with a 12v battery source, the part we like best is its ability to discharge cells at rates up to 30 amperes recovering the energy INTO the 12volt battery.   Additionally, you can do a  constant current/constant voltage discharge to pretty much nail any bottom balance voltage you desire.

Price: $579.00

Sandi 30kw 300-400vdc Input
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 This is a SANDI 30 kiloWatt DC to AC inverter.  Perfect for the 300-400vdc input range of our Model 3 battery.  This version includes dry contacts for a frequency shift from 60.00 to 62.5 Hz, allowing our Model 3 Controller to shut down microgrid-tied inverters such as the Enphase IQ series or the Solar Edge.
Price: $11,995.00
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Siemens motor with Inverter, E-gear and Charger
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 Siemens Motor with a DMOC liquid cooled inverter with an encoder cable, water pump and an E-Gear already mounted. This also has a Brusa charger mounted within the whole setup.
Price: $9,995.00
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600W Sealed Isolated DC-DC Converter
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 600 watt Isolated DC-DC Converter

This DC-DC converter takes input voltage of 144vdc nominal with a minimum of 108vdc and a maximum input of 180vdc.  It provides a 13.8vdc output. at up to 50 amps.  

Price: $149.00

Sumitomo CHAdeMO Plug and Cable
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This CHAdeMO plug with 20 foot heavy duty cable is rated for 500v, 125 Amperes, and 10,000 insertions.  The new connector design is aluminum with acrylic resin paint.  Power pins are 2 AWG tough-copper with silver plated contacts. Seven 18AWG signal wires are rated for 2 amperes.

This is ideal for building your own CHAdeMO charge station OR using your CHAdeMO equipped car to power your house.

Price: $2,695.00
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Magnetic Smartphone Holder
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This item should get a design award.  It is a small gold-toned ferrous mount that mounts easily anywhere on your dash.  It comes with two magnetic disks.  Peel the backing away and stick the disc on the back of your iPhone -  in any kind of case.

You can now place the phone in position over the Tesla logo, and it magnetically holds the phone in position with just enough strength to hold it even while bumping down the road.  The base swivels in all directions, allowing you to aim the phone as you like for optimum viewing.  But you can remove it quite effortlessly when you leave the car.

We've seen many schemes for mounting iPhones and iTablets in cars.  Nothing comes close to this one.  

Price: $19.95
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TET7100 Temperature Controller
TET7100 Temperature Controller with Premium Stainless Steel Waterproof PT100 RTD Temperature Sensor Probe(Threaded)

This handy little device allows you to monitor temperatures AND take actions based on temperature.  It provides both a relay and an SSR output to turn heating elements or cooling elements on or off based on specific temperatures.  It allows you to seperately set the temperature at which the relay activates and deactivates making it an ideal controller for heating and cooling duties.

This unit is smaller than the JLD612 and displays a single temperature.

Price: $89.00
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THQ1200-14 1200 watt DC-DC Converter
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 This is the largest DC-DC converter we carry - 1200 watts and 85 amps at 13.2volts.

It is also most appropriate for high voltage EV systems and comes in two models 200-400v and 300-440v.

It needs no precharge or protection circuitry, but we still recommend and include our input diode to prevent dumps OUT of the input when accelerating.

THQ1200 200-400v (336 typical)
300-450V (384 typical)
Price: $735.00
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Torque Box 2:1 Gear Box
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 Torque Trends Torque Box Gear Reduction Unit

This is the perfect adapter for our UQM 100 Powerphase or Siemens 1PV5135 motors.  Includes mounting plate and coupler for the motor.  Provides 1.98:1 gear reduction through planetary gear set and a yoke ouput to your drive shaft.

ELIMINATE YOUR TRANSMISSION ENTIRELY.  Direct drive to rear wheel drive differential.  Total gear reduction, on a 4.11 differential rear drive system would be 1.98 x 4.11 to 1 or 8.1378 total gear ratio.

This beautiful billet aluminum gear reduction box is THE EASIEST way to connect your motor to a rear wheel drive car - much smaller, lighter, and more efficient than an automatic or manual transmission.
Price: $3,495.00
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Trucklite 7 inch Round LED Headlamp
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Truck-Lite has developed a newly designed 7" round LED Headlamp in support of growing market interest in the product. Made in the U.S.A., Truck-Lite's 27270C LED Headlamp utilizes a completely new light delivery method, adopting parabolic reflector technology to create a smooth, even light output. The use of metalized reflector optics provides a clean and homogeneous spread of light, more uniform than other options, without any targeted or focused beams or projector-type color artifacts.

Truck-Lite's 7" LED headlamp system meets and exceeds FMVSS-108 and CMVSS-108 DOT requirements for both low and high beam performance.

Price: $495.00
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