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DC Power Distribution Panel with Meters
This DC power Distribution Panel is sure to be a hit with all the low amperage devices such as stereos and lights, the switch bank allows you to turn off the power so you can sleep assured theres no possible ground outs from small device wiring. The 12 volt 15 amp panel has 5 circuits and  volt and ammeters so you can see the juice move or keep off what you don't need.  A bonus LED indicationg ON for some eye candy plus switches to turn on and off, its doesn't get any better for an EV convertor than that.
Price: $149.00
Gigavac GX14BA Epic 350 Amp Contactor
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The GIGAVAC GX14BA contactor is a 350 ampere single-pole single-throw (SPST) normally open (NO) high voltage high current relay capable of breaking current flows up to 900 volts.. 

Mechanically rated for over 1,000,000 cycles, this hermetically sealed contactor features built-in coil suppression and IP67 environmental rating.

The coil operates on 8-16vdc with a 4.3 amp close but a small 240 ma holding current.

UL 1604 listed for Classes I, II, and III.

Price: $149.00

600W Sealed Isolated DC-DC Converter
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 600 watt Isolated DC-DC Converter

This DC-DC converter takes input voltage of 144vdc nominal with a minimum of 108vdc and a maximum input of 180vdc.  It provides a 13.8vdc output. at up to 50 amps.  

Price: $149.00
J1772 Inlet with 2 meter cable 30/32A 120/240V
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High quality plastic J1772 vehicle inlet with 1.5 meter cable. Rated at 30/32A 120/240V.

Note this device does not come with any electronic/control circuitry - just the inlet and cable.
Price: $145.00
Gigavac GV200 Contactor
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 GIgavac introduces a competitive response to the popular TYCO EV200 contactor.

Price: $139.00

Tyco Kilovak LEV200A4ANF Contactor
LEV200A4ANF Contactor - High Current Switching Relay with 12vdc coil and 500 amp continous carry capability 12-900vdc.  This is used to switch pack voltage to your motor controller.

Designed to be the lowest cost sealed contactor in the industry with its current rating (500+A carry, 2000A interrupt at 320VDC)  Hermetically sealed – intrinsically safe, operates in explosive/harsh environments with no oxidation or contamination of coils or contacts, including long periods of non-operation. Typical applications include battery switching and backup, DC voltage power control, circuit protection and safety Versatile coil and power connections. AIAG QS9000 designed, built and approved  

Price: $139.00
CALB CA100FI 100Ah LiFePo4 Cell
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China Aviation Lithium Battery Company CA100FI Series LiFePo4 Cell

This is the latest chemistry from CALB in a 100Ah format.   Uses 70mm strap

Nominal 3.2v, 100Ah, 320Wh, 

**Minimum 8 cell order due to shipping requirements**

Price: $135.00
CALB SE100AHA 100Ah LiFePo4 Cell
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China Aviation Lithium Battery Company SE100AHA Series LiFePo4 Cell

This is the previous generation of LiFePo4 cell from China Aviation Lithium Battery.  This chemistry, inherited from the Sky Energy Battery Company that CALB purchased, served us well and long in numerous EV builds.  It has been superceded by the improved CA series cells.

But they worked then, and they'll work now.  We came into a limited quantity of these cells at a liquidation price and so we offer them as our "second label" CALB cell at a lower price than the current chemistry CA series or the new CAM series cells.

CALB WILL NO LONGER WARRANTY OR SUPPORT THESE CELLS.   They've been in storage since September of 2011.  We have tested samples of these cells and found them perfectly operational but diminished in capacity by about 7% from their original 103 to 111AH. CALB wants to dispose of them without further obligation - ergo the price.


The shipping listed is for commercial delivery address.

For RESIDENTIAL DELIVERY - specify Liftgate option.   Orr ship to nearest UPS terminal for pick up.

Price: $135.00

Wiha 13 pc Insulated Screw Driver Set
Wiha  thirteen piece 1000 Volt Rated insulated slotted and phillips screwdriver set.

Includes slotted 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.5, 5.5, 6.5, 8.0, 10.0mm. Phillips screwdriver 0, 1, 2, 3.

Each tool individually tested to 10,000 volts and certified to 1000 volt ac or 1500 volt dc. 

Price: $134.00
AC Delco D1876D Inertia Switch
An Inertia Switch is an important safety device on any electric vehicle. In the event of a collision, internal combustion engines usually stop, either by strain stalling the engine or a breach in the fuel supply. Most cars are actually protected by an inertia switch that disables the fuel pump. In an electric car, this can be even more important. If the driver is incompacitated with weight on the accelerator and no load on the wheels the motor can spin uncontrollably until it reaches past maximum RPM and dissassembles itself explosively. The intertia switch is a simple device that in the event of a jar or collision moves a magnetic ball out of its place and so opens the switch. By connecting this between a contactor and its ground, the contactor will automatically open on any collision, disconnecting your high voltage battery pack. If it is a minor collision, you can simply press the red rubber stopper on top to reseat the ball and again enable your system.
Price: $129.95
Terminal Lug Crimp Tool
This 16 ton hydraulic terminal lug crimp tool is what we use at EVTV to compress tinned copper terminal lugs on to 1/0 and 2/0 and 4/0 cable.  Comes with a set of dies to allow different size crimps.  Applies up to sixteen tons of pressure to the terminal lug compressing the collar on the copper wire strands of the cable.

This takes much less effort than the long handled manual crimp tools and makes a better looking and stronger crimp, assuring clean and tight connections.
Price: $129.00

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