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EVIC Display for Curtis 1238/1239
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 Electric Vehicle Interface Controller (EVIC) for the Curtis 1238 and 1239 Motor Controllers from High Performance Electric Vehicles Systems (HPEVS).

This device provides a dazzling 840x480 color display for data received from the Curtis 1238/1239 Motor Controller including temperatures, rpm, motor voltage, pack voltage and current.

It gets information from the HPEVS version of the Curtis 1238/1239 through the CAN bus port pins on the motor controller.  No real setup required.  Wire it to the CAN pins and 12v power and you have a beautiful interface to your system.

This model does NOT feature Touch Screen
Price: $695.00
Andromeda Interface for GEVCU
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Andomeda Interfaces has done a special version of their EVIC display for our Generalized Electric Vehicle Control Unit or GEVCU.  And we've revised our software version 5.220 to make use of this display to display:

Tachometer - motor rpm
Motor temperature
Inverter Temperature
State of Charge of Battery Pack
With a display wide bar showing motor current as negative for forward with a separate bar for positive (regen) current.

Price: $695.00
EVIC Display for Orion BMS
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 Electric Vehicle Interface Controller (EVIC) for the Orion BMS
This device provides a dazzling 840x480 color display for data received from the Orion BMS about battery pack voltages, currents and temperatures.

It gets information from the Orion CAN bus port t
 No real setup required.  Wire it to the CAN pins and 12v power and you have a beautiful interface to your system.

This model does  feature Touch Screen
Price: $695.00

Generalized Electric Vehicle Control Unit (GEVCU) Version 6
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The new and improved GEVCU Version 6.  This device acts as a Vehicle Control Unit for any electric vehicle using Controller Area Network (CAN) messaging.  We designed this to drive the Azure Dynamics DMOC 645 inverter and Siemens Motor but it also will control vehicles using the UQM Powerphase 100 Coda version that we stock.  

This is an open source hardware and software solution allowing you to develop your own vehicle control unit for any electric vehicle.  This latest upgrade includes 24 bit Analog to Digital Conversion, battery and current monitoring, and a Bluetooth Low Energy interface allowing communications/display with smart phone/tablet devices. 

Price: $595.00
CAN bus Legacy Instrument Cluster Driver
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Bring that old legacy instrument cluster BACK TO LIFE.

This device allows you to intercept almost any CANbus message with data in  any format, and convert it into drive signals to drive an old style analog Tachometer, Speedometer, fuel gage, temperature gage, or advisory light.

It is a CAN Bus driver for Legacy Instrument Clusters.  It is very configurable for almost any instrument cluster and any CAN data.

Price: $395.00
PowerLab 8 Battery WorkStation
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  We've used this Revolectrix CellPro PowerLab 8 device successfully to charge and discharge individual cells quite automatically. Originally designed for the radio controlled helicopter hobby, this device is up to 1344 watts and so offers some pretty interesting utility in charging, discharging, and bottom balancing individual cells, even fairly large ones.

Used in conjunction with a 12v battery source, the part we like best is its ability to discharge cells at rates up to 30 amperes recovering the energy INTO the 12volt battery.   Additionally, you can do a  constant current/constant voltage discharge to pretty much nail any bottom balance voltage you desire.

Price: $379.00

Volt/Amp/kWh Coulometer
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MYPIN Coulometer

This meter is a little larger than our JLD404.  It displays Kilowatt Hours kWh, Voltage, and Current simultaneously with large red easy to read numerals.

While AmpHours are a pretty good measure of used pack energy, kWh are actually slightly better.  They are a function of both voltage AND current so as your pack voltage changes, your amp-hour rate will as well.  But kWh measure both voltage and current for a slightly more accurate measure of power.

Additinoally, this meter lets you monitor voltage, current, AND kilowatt hours simultaneously.

Price: $299.00
LEM Flux Gate Current Sensor
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LEM CAB300/500 CANbus current sensor for automotive applications : Very high accuracy flux gate current monitoring for hybrid and/or electric vehicle battery packs  No offset and no temperature drift.
+/- 400/500A. Runs on 12v.

Price: $159.00
1 CANKIT - CANbus kit with Microcontroller and Cable
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The EVTV CAN KIT contains a generic multicontroller clone of the popular Arduino Due board, a dual channel CAN bus shield with microSD card slot and EEPROM and a USB Cable.

Arduino has released a new 32-bit ARM based version of their popular multicontroller they call the Arduino Due. It actually has TWO Controller Area Network (CAN) controllers built into it - but no transcievers   In a stunning second omission, Arduino Due provides NO EEPROM for persistent memory.  You can't save variables from one power up to another.

 Ergo the EVTV CANDue 2.2 Dual Channel CAN bus Shield for Arduino Due.  This card features  TWO CAN channels along with the transcievers to enable them - tied to the CAN controller pins on the Due.  It also features a Single Wire CAN Chip and connections.

We also included a 2Megabit EEPROM chip - 256Kbytes of storage for persistent variables or pixel data.

And finally, we included a microSD card slot to hold up to 128GB of removable memory for logging data.

Convenient screw terminals allow connections to the vehicle 12v and chassis ground to power the entire rig of multicontroller and CAN bus board.  It also can read and write CAN messages to your vehicle OBDII CAN bus.

We also include the generic multicontroller board itself - a clone of the Arduino Due board.
Price: $149.00

JLD 404 Intelligent AH Meter
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Intelligent Ampere Hour Meter displays volts, amperes, amp hours, and time. Used to monitor state of charge of LiFePo4 cells.
Price: $129.00
Four Range Digital Control Voltmeter
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The Four Range Digital Control Voltmeter provides a large easy to read digital readout of AC and DC voltages up to 500 volts - ideal for EV applications.  Better, it features two control relays capable of 3 amperes and programmable to any voltage level.

Price: $99.00
JLD612 Temperature Controller
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JLD612 Temperature Controller with Premium Stainless Steel Waterproof PT100 RTD Temperature Sensor Probe(Threaded)

This handy little device allows you to monitor temperatures AND take actions based on temperature.  It provides both a relay and an SSR output to turn heating elements or cooling elements on or off based on specific temperatures.  It allows you to seperately set the temperature at which the relay activates and deactivates making it an ideal controller for heating and cooling duties.
Price: $95.00

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