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EVTV Staff Embroidered Shirt
Black embroidered button down collar short sleeved shirt - the official EVTV staff shirt.  Join the EVTV payroll with this stunningly BLACK shirt.

Guaranteed NOT to bleed through green screen keying backgrounds.
Price: $59.95
Avenger Fly-Salter
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But A Salt's bigger brother, the improved model AVENGER.

Latching SAFETY button lets you pump shoot pump shoot like a normal shotgun without having to set the safety each time.

Cocking mechanism loads 15% more air pressure and an enlarged salt orifice puts 20% more salt in each shot.  Deadly to flies.  

Price: $59.95
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 It's here. The BUG-A-SALT.  This simple gun is NO toy.  It shoots a startingly effective shotgun blast of table salt three to four feet and is absolutely deadly to houseflies.  You can hardly miss.

An ounce of table salt gives you 50 shots - potentially 50 dead houseflies although we've taken out three flies with a single shot.  It's the ultimate test of hunting skill as you learn to patiently stalk, and then eradicate the enemy.  

One day with this superb firearm, and you will laugh out load at people swatting at flies with a fly swatter.  They just don't get it.

Price: $45.95

EVTV Motor Werks Poster
 Decorate your garage with this EVTV Motor Werks poster.  Including our list of 11 rules just like David Packard and the Packard Garage.

This large wall hanging is 18 x 24 inches printed on the finest cheap plastic money can buy.

Price: $29.95
Original Hewlett Packard Garage Poster
 The birthplace of Silicon Valley.  David Packard's garage in 1941 is where two young men decided to follow their dreams and build a company based on electronics.  They lived that dream and indeed did build Hewlett-Packard into one of the most succesful large corporations in the world.

Along the way, they developed 11 principles or "rules" of the garage that would form their entire approach to life and business.

Recently the garage has been restored.  We've taken a photo of it and overlayed the 11 rules in a stunning 18 x 24 inch poster on plastic suitable for decorating YOUR garage and inspiring your journey to live your dream.

Price: $29.95
Embroidered EVtv Carry Bag
Keep your EV planning notes in one safe place the EVtv Motor Werks carry bag. This high quality bag that will last for years and stylish, too. A great way to show support for the Friday show.
Price: $24.95

Raucher Enameled Pin
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 The RAUCHER Enameled Pin for smokers of cigarettes, pipes and cigars.  An instant collectible. 

Few knew that the Obama's Affordable Health Care Act REQUIRES all residents of the United States of America who smoke cigarettes, pipes, or cigars or use smokeless tobacco wear a noticeable badge or device clearly identifying themselvs as a tobacco user anytime in public after 1 January, 2014.

Ostensibly, this provision identifies smokers and tobacco users so that other healthy Americans can avoid second hand smoke and smoking related irritants caused by smoking.  It is also required to help identify smokers for higher health care premiums, and yet to be determined health care service exclusions.  ITS THE LAW.

This beautifully crafted enameled metal pin with the traditional yellow "Star of David" design is marked RAUCHER- German for "Smoker" and is FULLY COMPLIANT with the Affordable Health Care Act.  Exploiting a loophole in the law, we discovered the identification is NOT required to be in English.  This unobtrusive pin - really a piece of jewelry - puts you in FULL COMPLIANCE while providing an elegant fashion statement as well.

Now using this tastefully elegant high quality enameled pin, you too can move about freely in public in full compliance with the law.

ORDER TODAY - supplies are limited.  This stylish Raucher Pin is destined to become an instant  collectible and is already in short supply.

COMING SOON - YES - Obesity Compliance Device too!.  

Price: $24.95
EVTV 2013 Coffee Mug
 A new coffee mug to add to your collection.
Price: $20.00
EVTV Coffee Mug
Enjoy your coffee or other drinks while watching EVTV in our limited edition mug.
Price: $20.00