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Braided Battery Strap Kit - 76 mm centers
76 mm Braided Tinned Copper Battery Strap Kit.

We have found these braided straps to be the best connection you can have for your Lithium battery pack. They provide a large surface area to carry high levels of current. These straps allow for some flex between the batteries which reduces the stress on the terminals themselves. The straps are sold as individual pieces and include two M8 bolts and two Nord-Lock washers as mounting hardware.

Price: $9.00
Cell Bootie Silicone Foam Battery Terminal Cover
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This heavy, dense silicone foam rubber is perfectly shaped to fit over the braided battery terminal straps and terminal bolts we provide with all CALB CA series batteries. They work quite well with the earlier Sky Energy and Thundersky cells when using the braided battery straps. These cell covers come in 2 meter lengths and are UV and chemical resistant with a temperature range of -27F to 410F and flame resistant. 0.8 grams per cubic centimeter density. Provides an insulting cover to protect against dropped wrenches, screwdrivers, eyeglasses and make the battery module touch safe, while allowing easy and ready access to the terminals for measurement and examination. Sold in two meter lengths, it is easily cut to row length.

These can be more securely attached using small zip ties threaded underneath the braided battery straps.
Price: $24.95
450v 225A Fused Disconnect
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450VDC Fused Disconnect It has fuse inside 225A -

 Specification(ambient temperature=23°C) % of Ampere Rating (A) Operating Time Min Max

110% 4 hrs. -
200% 5 - 100 sec.
300% 0.5 -. 15 sec
500% - 1 sec.

Fuse characteristics may vary according to the conditions under which thay are used.

Rated Voltage: DC450V
Percentage of change in fuse current carrying capacity with change in ambient temperature: -0.13% / 1℃
Standard: JASO D622
Breaking Capacity: 2000A
Price: $169.00

Cable Gland PG16
Liquid tight strain relief connector.  This is the perfect way to pass our 4AWG cable through a bulkhead or battery box wall without chafing or cutting insulation.

Made of Polyamide 6 and neoprene this provides an IP68 water tight seal as well as protection from sharp edges.  Resistant to salt water, weak acids, weak alkalis, alcohol, ester, ketones, gasoline, mineral oil and good from -30 to +80C with intermittent to 150C.

Inner diameter adjusts from 0.27 to 0.47 inches.
Price: $4.95
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Mini Bus with Cover
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Busbars are used to consolidate multiple wires or feed multiple circuits to reduce heat and improve efficiency of electrical systems.  This mini bus bar was used on the recent "Thing" project with great success. The quality stainless steel studs allow for high torquing for excellent electrical contact. This is an item you don't need just one; get two and keep a spare in the toolbox, you'll use it!
Price: $27.95
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Multiple Terminal Power Bar w/covers
A mini power bar terminal bar that features 12 8-32 screw terminals that is great for clean wiring in limited spaces. Featured in red  its easy to see and comes with a full cover cap and a terminal end cap so its all nice and tidy.
Price: $34.95
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Orange PVC High Quality Split Loom
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Heavy Duty High Quality Orange PVC Split Wire Loom Tubing.

Get that OEM look  with this orange  polyethylene split loom.  This covering can be worked over existing wiring to bundle, shield, and most importantly hide that messy wiring. 

This PVC version is much higher quality than the polyester split loom, but also heavier and stiffer to work with.

Select 3/4,  1, 1.5 inch diameters. Price is per foot and comes in continous lengths..
Price: $4.95
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Orange Split Loom
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 Orange polyethylene Split Wire Loom Tubing.

Get that OEM look  with this orange  polyethylene split loom.  This covering can be worked over existing wiring to bundle, shield, and most importantly hide that messy wiring. 

Select 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4,  1, 1.5 inch diameters. Price is per foot and comes in continous lengths..
sizes 1/4 inch
3/8 inch
1/2 inch
3/4 inch
1 inch
1.5 inch
Price: $1.89
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Orange Electrical Tape
 3/4 x 60 foot orange vinyl electrical tape.  0.007 thickness.

This tape is perfect with our orange split loom or high quality orange split look to make that wiring look OEM professional.
Price: $4.95
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600 AMP Power Bar
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Tin-Plated Copper Electrical Common Bus.  Solid CDA 110 Copper bar on tough glass filled polycarbonate mounting base.  Four 3/8-16 terminal  studs with four #8-32 screws for lighter wiring.  Perfect for 2/0 or 4/0 cables.  Rated for 600 amps continuous current. 

7 inches x 2 inches.  1.71 lbs

List Price: $103.97
Price: $99.99
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150 Amp Power Post
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Battery Cable Connection post with tin-plated copper distribution bus for smaller circuits.  150 amperes continuous rating.  Glas reinforced black nylon 8231 GHS base.   Main terminal diameter 5/16.  Comes with red rubber boot.

Price: $39.95
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1 Rebling7002 Battery Receptacle
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 Rebling 7002 standard duty 250F green receptacle and gasket is the female battery connector for your next battery box.  Carries 750 amps of continous current or up to 1500 amperes peak.  

Rebling plastics has developed a line of high quality high current milspec battery connectors used primarily in aviation applications.  Pricey, but extremely safe and extremely durable, these will last in electric vehicles for years providing a very low resistance high current connection with the convenience of a half-turn handle to disconnect the pack.

Price: $88.00
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