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 Devices to use Tesla Model S Battery Modules.

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EVTV 12kW  48v Inverter for Tesla Battery Modules
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 Battery powered off-grid systems are quiet popular and 48vdc is the current voltage of preference.  Unfortunately, most 48vdc inverters are simply a poor match for Tesla Battery Modules.  Why?

The main problem is the Low Voltage Cutoff - the point of battery discharge where the inverter will shut down to protect the battery.  Almost all 48vdc inverters have LVCO in the 42-44v range with a very very few able to handle batteries down to 40v.

Two Tesla Battery Modules in series are pretty much discharged at 36v.  but they are only 50% discharged at 43.2v.  And so with almost all inverters on the market you are leaving 30-50% of your battery capacity on the table.  That means you have to purchase TWICE the battery capacity that you would need if the inverter simply operated down to the 36v cutoff.

The other issue is that many of these inverters will also charge your batteries from AC - the charger is built in.  That's great, but they are traditionally designed for lead acid batteries.  They may support a bewildering array of Pb chemistry types, but ALL of the charge curves they provide are deadly to Tesla Battery Modules.  We advocate charging with a simple bulk current to 50.5volts and NO MORE.
Almost all inverters want to charge to something more like 56 volts with equalization phases as high as 60v.  This will immediately DESTROY your Tesla Battery Module, not over time but the FIRST time it does so.

And of course most 48vdc inverters provide 4kw to 8kw of power max.

We have located an excellent quality 12 kilowatt inverter made in China that can do 36kw for 20 seconds.  It charges at 110 amperes from 240vac.  And we have commissioned them to provide a Low Voltage Cutoff of 39vdc and a charge limit of 50.5vdc - ideally tuned for the Tesla Battery Modules.

Price: $2,995.00
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Tesla Battery Module
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 85kw Tesla Model S battery modules
444 Panasonic 18650 cells of about 3400 mAh nominal capacity. 
The cells are configured 6s74p, 
Voltage range: 18.6V soc 0%. 23.1V soc 70%. 24.9V soc 100%
capacity ~235Ah, ~5kWh
dimensions: length 27”/685mm
total width with mounting wings 11 13/16”/300mm
Width without mounting wings 11”/280 (depending on how closely you cut)_
height 3”/75mm
mounting wing at 2”/50mm
terminals apart 9”/230mm
weight about 55lbs / 25kg
Price: $1,295.00
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Tesla Model S Battery Module Controller Basics Kit
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 The Tesla Model S Battery Module features it's own proprietary Battery Management System board that reports the voltage of each cell in the module, temperature of each module terminal, and can actively balance each cell in the module.  But it uses a very proprietary serial communications scheme to report this to the main BMS board in the Tesla Battery Pack.

We have reverse engineered this scheme and developed a specifically designed shield to communicate with it, along with a series of cable harnesses to connect to the batrtery modules.  

This shield mounts on our EVTVDue microcontroller to provide an embedded system to control and monitor up to 62 individual battery modules.

Beyond voltage and temperature monitoring and balancing, this controller has the capability to operate two Gigavac contactors to connect your system but more importantly, to DISCONNECT it if any cell goes beyond voltage or temperature limits YOU set.  And it does much more, like control external MPPT charge controllers and heating or cooling.  It also provides CAN ports to communicate with your other equipment or support inverters such as the Sunny Island 6048.

We've gone to some lengths to develop a complete software solution you can configure and observe with a laptop computer and USB connection using simple ASCII text commands. But this solution requires a certain set of other componentts to operate.  This kit contains the minimal system required to satisfy the software.
Price: $1,295.00
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1.8 kW TCCH CAN Controlled Charger 18-66v
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 This is a great little CAN controlled charger for Tesla Model S battery Modules.  It can charge from 18 to 66 volts at up to 25 amps and 1.8kw.  Uses either 120vac (700 watts) or 240vac (1800 watts) input.  And so it is perfect for single modules charging to 25 volts or a 48v system charging to 51 volts.
Price: $595.00
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Isabellenhutte ICD-A-500-CAN1-12 Current Sensor
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 This is Isabellenhutte's newest CAN based current sensor.  The ICD-A handles up to 500 amperes of current and is designed specifically for automotive applications with a LARGE and rugged automotive style connector.  It is NOT isolated and provides no voltage measurements - simply current reported over CAN2.0 but with extremely good accuracy.
Price: $179.95
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Wiring harness for Tesla Battery Module Controller
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 Wiring harness for our Tesla Model S Battery Module Controller.  Comes with connector for the module wiring harnesses.

Price: $29.95
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8 Position +/- 12v Terminal Block
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 This small terminal block lets you easily and safely provide access to +12v on one side and the rtn on the other for wiring your project . Eight positions.
Price: $24.95
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Four Module Extension Harness for Tesla Modules
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 This four module extension allows you to "extend" a two module harness to six modules or a four module harness to eight modules.  And you can add these extensions to get any even number of modules up to the max 62 supported by the controller.

Price: $69.95
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Two Module Harness for Tesla Battery Modules
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 This is a wiring harness that plugs into the BMS board connectors on the Tesla Battery Module.  This harness will connect two Tesla battery modules.
Price: $49.95
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Four Module Harness for Tesla Battery Modules
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 This is a wiring harness that plugs into the BMS board connectors on the Tesla Battery Module.  This harness will connect four Tesla battery modules.
Price: $59.95
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Tesla Battery Module Shorting Plug
 This shorting plug allows you to use an ODD number of Tesla Battery Modules, 1, 3, 5, 7, etc.
Simply plug this into the LAST position of a two plug or 4 plug harness (not the extension harness) and you can have an odd number of Tesla Battery Modules in your project
Price: $23.95
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Stacking Strap for Tesla Battery Modules
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 These heavy copper 1 inch straps feature heavy MILSPEC shrink wrap insulation and are perfect for connecting two Tesla Battery Modules stacked vertically.
Price: $21.95
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