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 Devices to use Tesla Model S Battery Modules.

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Flexible 4/0 cable straps
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 A premade 4/0 cable let's you connect Tesla S modules or other batteries and bus bars, this thicker cable allows for higher amounts of current to pass through. These cables are already crimped and include heat shrink, saves time and money. color may vary, separate charges for custom lengths, price listed is for the 12" 
Price: $59.95
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EVTV Battery Display
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 This Battery Display is included in the Battery Module Controller Version 2 for Tesla Model S Battery Modules.  It is provided here separately for those wishing to add additional Battery Displays for viewing in multiple locations.

This display features a brilliant 7-inch touchscreen display of all your Tesla Battery Module Controller data including power output, current, voltage of each individual cell and state of charge. It allows you to easily modify the configurtion of your system remotely. 
Other Features:

1. UDP Wireless connectivity through your existing WIFI Hub Router.
2. Onboard data logging.
3. Built in web server displaying historical data in graph form.
4. Remote connectivity using Amazon AWS IoT Core.
5. One click Online Software Updates.
6. Built in VNC server - Remote screen sharing using VNC Viewer.
Price: $395.00
Battery Module Controller v2 for Tesla Model S Battery Modules
 This battery controller, Version 2, uses an Espressif ESP32 chip with Wifi capabilities to monitor Tesla Model S Battery Modules.  Broadly, it simulates the BMS management board in a full Tesla Model S battery pack to monitor each of the 16 battery modules in the pack by communicating with BMS boards mounted on each battery module.

This controller also features two contactors and a current measurement sensor, along with software to allow you to communicate with up to 62 Tesla Battery Modules and control access to them.

Price: $1,995.00
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Long 2 Module Harness for Tesla Modules
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 A longer version of the standard 2 module wire harness allows for extra spacing and flexibilty in your custom battery build.
Price: $79.95
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Long 4 Module Harness for Tesla Modules
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 A long version of the Tesla Model S 4 Module wire harness, allows for extra spacing between module placement.
Price: $89.95
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Long 4 Module Extension Harness for Tesla Modules
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The long version of the 4 module extension wiring harness came about from Yacht builds and RV installations featuring the Tesla Model S module. The extended distance between each connector allows a more flexible and spaced out module arrangenment. The Long 4 module harness would be used in combination with multiple modules with either the 4 module harness or 2 module harness. 
Price: $99.95
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Tesla Model S Battery Module
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  In recent years, the Tesla Model S battery module has emerged as a staple in home solar energy applications.  It is available in a handy size at a little over two feet long and 56 lbs with a nominal voltage of 21.6v and an impressive capacity of approximately 5 kiloWatt-hours.

And now with the available EVTV module controller circuitry, you can safely use these batteries taking advantage of the advanced Tesla BMS circuit board provided on the module itself to monitor voltages and temperatures and perform balancing of the cells while in operation.
Each module consists of six "cells" of nominal 3.6vdc consisting of 74 Panasonic NCA 18650 cylindrical battery cells of approximately 3.2Ah capacity in parallel.  This 6S74P configuration then features a nominal voltage of 21.6v at 233 Ampere-hours for 5032 Watt-hour capacity.
Price: $1,295.00
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Sigineer 6kW 24vdc Inverter/Charger
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 This 6 kW 24vdc 120/240vac inverter charger coupled with Tesla Model S battery modules provides the perfect power system for 24v Recreational Vehicles (RV) and boat applications.  Specially designed for EVTV, this inverter supports the specific charge and operating voltages of the Tesla Model S battery module and features a 60 to 62.5 Hz frequency shift function to control grid-tied microinverters such as the Enphase IQ series or Solar Edge.

The inverter produces 6000 watts of continuous power and 18000 watts for up to 20 seconds for air conditioning startup loads. Includes remote LED panel.
Price: $1,199.00
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Sigineer 15kW  48v Inverter for Tesla Battery Modules
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Battery powered off-grid systems are quite popular and 48vdc is the current voltage of preference.  Unfortunately, most 48vdc inverters are simply a poor match for Tesla Battery Modules.  Why?

The main problem is the Low Voltage Cutoff - the point of battery discharge where the inverter will shut down to protect the battery.  Almost all 48vdc inverters have LVCO in the 42-44v range with a very very few able to handle batteries down to 40v.

Two Tesla Battery Modules in series are pretty much discharged at 38v.  but they are only 50% discharged at 43.2v.  And so with almost all inverters on the market you are leaving 30-50% of your battery capacity on the table.  That means you have to purchase TWICE the battery capacity that you would need if the inverter simply operated down to the 38v cutoff.

The other issue is that many of these inverters will also charge your batteries from AC - the charger is built in.  That's great, but they are traditionally designed for lead acid batteries.  They may support a bewildering array of Pb chemistry types, but ALL of the charge curves they provide are deadly to Tesla Battery Modules.  We advocate charging with a simple bulk current to 50.5volts and NO MORE.
Almost all inverters want to charge to something more like 56 volts with equalization phases as high as 60v.  This will immediately DESTROY your Tesla Battery Module, not over time but the FIRST time it does so.

And of course most 48vdc inverters provide 4kw to 8kw of power max.

We have located an excellent quality 15 kilowatt inverter made in China that can do 45kw for 20 seconds.  It charges at 110 amperes from 240vac.  And we have commissioned them to provide a Low Voltage Cutoff of 38vdc and a charge limit of 50.5vdc - ideally tuned for the Tesla Battery Modules.

With the 15kW model, we introduce a set of FREQUENCY SHIFT contacts.  When used with our ESP32 Battery Module Controller, this lets you easily turn off grid tied inverters used to backcharge your batteries through the inverter when the battery gets full.
Price: $2,999.00
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Enphase Diversion Loads Manager
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 The EVTV Enphase Diversion Loads Manager is a standalone WiFi device that communicates directly with your ENPHASE ENVOY data gateway device via your home WiFi Router/network to obtain operational data on your Enphase solar power system.
It features FOUR switched MOSFET outputs that can drive four external relays at 12v and up to 3 amps each.  In this way, you can switch on and off diversion loads such as water heaters, hot tubs, EV charging, etc. based on the output power of your Enphase solar arrray.  

Additionally, it will also monitor our Tesla Model S Battery Monitor/Controller for similar data allowing outputs to be swtiched based on voltage, current, or SOC of your Tesla Model S battery module battery pack.
Price: $299.00
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Wiring harness for Tesla Battery Module Controller
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 Wiring harness for our Tesla Model S Battery Module Controller.  Comes with connector for the module wiring harnesses.

Price: $29.95
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8 Position +/- 12v Terminal Block
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 This small terminal block lets you easily and safely provide access to +12v on one side and the rtn on the other for wiring your project . Eight positions.
Price: $24.95
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