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 Devices to use Tesla Model S Battery Modules.

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30kWh 48v Home Solar Battery from Tesla Modules
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 This is a 30 kWh 48vdc home solar battery storage unit made from six Tesla Model S battery modules mounted in a 12 gage NEMA Enclosure.  The electronics provide full control of precharge and contactors and the device intelligently uses the Batery Management System boards mounted on the modules by Tesla.  Automatically disconnects on overcharge or overdischarge, timperature, or imbalance between the cells.

Price: $11495.00
Tesla 30kWh 48v Home Solar Battery KIT
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 This kit contains a Wiegman 36x30x12 NEMA enclousre and all the parts used in our 48v 30kWh Tesla Battery module EXXCEPT the Tesla Battery Modules themselves.  You supply your own Tesla Battery Modules and the labor to wire up and install all the parts.

Price: $2995.00
Wiegmann 72 NEMA Battery Storage Cabinet for 300kWh
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This is a free standing floor mount NEMA 12 cabinet of 72x36x30 inches made of high quality 12 gauge carbon steel.
It is the perfect size for 54 Tesla Model S battery modules with room for wiring and components to build a massive 300 kWh Battery Pack for solar applications.

Price: $2295.00

Tesla Model S Battery Module Controller Basics Kit
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 The Tesla Model S Battery Module features it's own proprietary Battery Management System board that reports the voltage of each cell in the module, temperature of each module terminal, and can actively balance each cell in the module.  But it uses a very proprietary serial communications scheme to report this to the main BMS board in the Tesla Battery Pack.

We have reverse engineered this scheme and developed a specifically designed shield to communicate with it, along with a series of cable harnesses to connect to the batrtery modules.  

This shield mounts on our EVTVDue microcontroller to provide an embedded system to control and monitor up to 62 individual battery modules.

Beyond voltage and temperature monitoring and balancing, this controller has the capability to operate two Gigavac contactors to connect your system but more importantly, to DISCONNECT it if any cell goes beyond voltage or temperature limits YOU set.  And it does much more, like control external MPPT charge controllers and heating or cooling.  It also provides CAN ports to communicate with your other equipment or support inverters such as the Sunny Island 6048.

We've gone to some lengths to develop a complete software solution you can configure and observe with a laptop computer and USB connection using simple ASCII text commands. But this solution requires a certain set of other componentts to operate.  This kit contains the minimal system required to satisfy the software.
Price: $1517.75
Wiegmann 36 NEMA Battery Storage Cabinet for 30kW
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This is a free standing floor mount NEMA 12 cabinet of 36x30x12 inches made of high quality 14 gauge carbon steel.
It is the perfect size for 6 Tesla Model S battery modules with room for wiring and components to build a 30 kWh Battery Pack for solar applications.

Price: $495.00
LifePo4 Replacement for Tesla Model S/X 12v Battery
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 Drop in LiFePo4 lithium battery drop-in replacement for Tesla Model S/X lead 12v battery.

One of the little ironies of the Tesla Model S and X is that despite having THE most advanced lithium battery chemistry design in the world to drive the car, they then saddle it with a weeny lead acid 12v battery that 
has proven to be THE highest failure rate component in the car.

Under warranty, this is only annoying as they will and do replace these constantly.  But after the warranty expires, you won't want to keep this unlikely situation.  Replace it with a long lasting safe LiFePo4 lithium 
12v battery.

Price: $399.00

1 Rebling7002 Battery Receptacle and Mating T Handle Connector
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 Rebling 7002 standard duty 250F green receptacle and gasket is the female battery connector for your next battery box.  Carries 750 amps of continous current or up to 1500 amperes peak.  The Rebling 7016-1 T-handle plug is ideal for cable terminals up to 3/0.

Rebling plastics has developed a line of high quality high current milspec battery connectors used primarily in aviation applications.  Pricey, but extremely safe and extremely durable, these will last in electric vehicles for years providing a very low resistance high current connection with the convenience of a half-turn handle to disconnect the pack.

Price: $295.00
Gigavac  Epic 350 Amp  Contactor w/aux contacts
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The GIGAVAC GXL14B1BAB contactor is a 350 ampere single-pole single-throw (SPST) normally open (NO) high voltage high current relay capable of breaking current flows up to 800 volts.. 

Mechanically rated for over 1,000,000 cycles, this hermetically sealed contactor features built-in coil suppression and IP67 environmental rating.

The coil operates on 8-16vdc with a 4.3 amp close but a small 240 ma holding current.

UL 1604 listed for Classes I, II, and III.

This version features a set of auxilary contacts allowing you to detect contact closure or opening programatically.  This is useful to detect welded contacts.
Price: $240.00
Water Pump 12v 50 lpm
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 This is a 12v water pump designed for EVs with 50 lpm flow rate - 25lpm at over 7 meters with plenty of power to cool any system.  

This is a very nearly identical version of the Pierburg CW50 pump from China at a lower price.  Currently used on Audi/VW.
Price: $239.00

LEM Flux Gate Current Sensor
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LEM CAB300/500 CANbus current sensor for automotive applications : Very high accuracy flux gate current monitoring for hybrid and/or electric vehicle battery packs  No offset and no temperature drift.
+/- 400/500A. Runs on 12v.

Price: $159.00
Four Module Extension Harness for Tesla Modules
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 This four module extension allows you to "extend" a two module harness to six modules or a four module harness to eight modules.  And you can add these extensions to get any even number of modules up to the max 62 supported by the controller.

Price: $69.95
Ferraz Shawmut A30QS400
Ferraz Shawmut A30QS400-4  This is a semiconductor fuse for use between battery pack and controller on smaller systems.  This fuse will do up to 1000 amps for  brief accelerations.

Shown with P243G fuse holder. *

* Fuse holder not included - available separately.

Price: $63.50

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