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Tools and loggers for Controller Area Network (CAN) data capture and analysis.

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CAN Crocodile
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CAN CROCODILE is a attachment sensor to detect CAN messages on CAN wires without damaging the wires.  It can be used to READ and log CAN messages 
but does not allow you to send them.  It provides a good means of checking wires for CAN activity and to determine if it is the desired CAN bus.

It has no real CAN capability other than it can sniff CAN messages electromagnetically and send them to your device as a normal CAN level differential signal.

Safe connection to CAN bus

CANCrocodile does no damage to insulation of wires and has no direct electrical contact with CANbus. Data reading occurc in a contactless way – CANCrocodile detects magnetic field around CAN-High and CAN-Low wires.

Strong fixation of CAN bus wires

The design of the body provides perpendicular fixing of the wires to reading surface. This way of fixing will not allow the CAN bus wires to slip from the CANCrocodile reading surface.

A soft pressure pad in the upper part of the housing tightly presses the wires to reading surface.

LED indication of operation modes

Red indicator – power is on, blinking green indicator – messages receipt from CAN bus. Indicaters allow to test the operability of the reader without dismantling and connecting to monitoring terminal.


Price: $98.00
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 This is the next generation of EVTV embedded microcontroller.  It features a 240MHz dual-core ESP32 chip with built-in Wifi and Bluetooth BLE for 6x the performance of the EVTV CANdue Microcontroller plus wireless capability to interact with the Internet (you can run a web server on it if you can believe it) and communicate with smartphone devices such as iPhone and iPAD.  It features TWO CAN ports including one for CAN Flexible Data Rate - CAN FD, the new standard for block firmware updates over CAN.
Price: $139.95
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Fusion CAN32 Module
 This tiny ESP32 module features a built in CAN bus - ideal for smaller projects where CAN/Bluetooth or CAN/WiFi capability might be useful.  It has a single CAN bus but works with our esp32_can library.  And it works from 12v power.
Price: $89.00
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The EVTV Controller Area Network (CAN) Geopositioning Satellite System receiver receives positioning information from the GPS satellite system and converts it to CAN data frames for use on automotive and marine systems.

It provides data in CAN 11-bit or 29bit format at any CAN data rate.

1.  Speed in whole statue miles per hour.
2.  Direction of travel -Course in degrees to 2 decimal places.
3. Odometer - statute miles travelled since last reset.
4. UTC time hours/minutes/seconds to act as  real time clock
5. Lattitude and longitude to six decimal places (ie 37.123456)

Price: $199.00
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EVTVDue Microcontroller
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Arduino has released a new 32-bit ARM based version of their popular microcontroller they call the Arduino Due. It actually has TWO Controller Area Network (CAN) controllers built into it - but no transcievers.

In a stunning second omission, Arduino Due provides NO EEPROM for persistent memory. You can't save variables from one power up to another.

So we have commissioned our own version - The EVTV CANdue Microcontroller.

This single board replaces the fragile micro USB connectors with a single strong Mini-B printer style USB port on the native USB port to the microcontroller.

We've also added a 2Mbit EEPROM chip providing 256 Kbytes of persistent memory to save program data or configuration details. AND most importantly, a Texas Instruments CAN transceiver on the board to enable the CAN controller in the SAM3X microcontroller chip allowing direct CAN communications.
Price: $99.95
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EVIC Display for Tesla Batteries
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 Electric Vehicle Interface Controller (EVIC) for the Orion BMS
This device provides a dazzling 840x480 color display for data received from the Orion BMS about battery pack voltages, currents and temperatures.

It gets information from the Orion CAN bus port t
 No real setup required.  Wire it to the CAN pins and 12v power and you have a beautiful interface to your system.

This model does  feature Touch Screen.  Works very well with EVTV Controller for Tesla Battery Pack
Price: $795.00
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1 CANKIT - CANbus kit with Microcontroller and Cable
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The EVTV CAN KIT contains a generic multicontroller clone of the popular Arduino Due board, a dual channel CAN bus shield with microSD card slot and EEPROM and a USB Cable.

Arduino has released a new 32-bit ARM based version of their popular multicontroller they call the Arduino Due. It actually has TWO Controller Area Network (CAN) controllers built into it - but no transcievers   In a stunning second omission, Arduino Due provides NO EEPROM for persistent memory.  You can't save variables from one power up to another.

 Ergo the EVTV CANDue 2.2 Dual Channel CAN bus Shield for Arduino Due.  This card features  TWO CAN channels along with the transcievers to enable them - tied to the CAN controller pins on the Due.  It also features a Single Wire CAN Chip and connections.

We also included a 2Megabit EEPROM chip - 256Kbytes of storage for persistent variables or pixel data.

And finally, we included a microSD card slot to hold up to 128GB of removable memory for logging data.

Convenient screw terminals allow connections to the vehicle 12v and chassis ground to power the entire rig of multicontroller and CAN bus board.  It also can read and write CAN messages to your vehicle OBDII CAN bus.

We also include the generic multicontroller board itself - a clone of the Arduino Due board.
Price: $149.00
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LEM Flux Gate Current Sensor
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LEM CAB300/500 CANbus current sensor for automotive applications : Very high accuracy flux gate current monitoring for hybrid and/or electric vehicle battery packs  No offset and no temperature drift.
+/- 400/500A. Runs on 12v.

Price: $159.00
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Generalized Electric Vehicle Control Unit (GEVCU) Version 6
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The new and improved GEVCU Version 6.  This device acts as a Vehicle Control Unit for any electric vehicle using Controller Area Network (CAN) messaging.  We designed this to drive the Azure Dynamics DMOC 645 inverter and Siemens Motor but it also will control vehicles using the UQM Powerphase 100 Coda version that we stock.  

This is an open source hardware and software solution allowing you to develop your own vehicle control unit for any electric vehicle.  This latest upgrade includes 24 bit Analog to Digital Conversion, battery and current monitoring, 

Price: $595.00
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Adafruit Bluefruit BLE SPI Module
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Adafruit Bluefruit LE Friend SPI Module

This is the  module we use in the new 6.2 version of our Generalized Electric Vehicle Control Unit.

It can be wired to virtually any embedded microcontroller to provide data exchange with Apple iOS mobile devices or Android mobile devices with Bluetooth 4.0 or 4.1.

Price: $17.50
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Adafruit Bluefruit BLE Shield
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Adafruit Bluefruit LE Friend Shield

This is the shield version of the Adafruit Bluefruit LE Friend SPI module we use in the new 6.2 version of our Generalized Electric Vehicle Control Unit.
Why offer a shield?  So you can add BLE connectivity to your own applications using our much less expensive EVTV Microcontroller.  This Arduino Due compatible board features an EEPROM for
persistent variable storage and a CAN bus.

Add this shield to it for BLE connectivity and develop your own iPhone or iTablet application to view data wirelessly.

Price: $19.95
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Tesla Model S and Model X CAN Monitor
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SavvyCAN for Tesla Model S

SavvyCAN for Tesla Model S is a Controller Area Network Capture device capable of capturing CAN data directly from the Tesla Model S diagnostics connector even at the very high data rates found on the Tesla Model S.

The system consists of a data capture and analysis program for your Windows, Linux, or Mac OSX Laptop that connects to the EVTV CAN Microcontroller device by USB cable.  The CANDue features a wiring harness with the appropriate connector to connect right to the diagnostics connector below the 17 inch display on the center console of the Tesla Model S to access CAN3 - The Drive Train CAN Bus on the ModelS

Price: $295.00
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