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Items for OEM manufactured electric vehicles such as the Chevy Volt, Nissan Leaf, and Tesla Model S and X 

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LifePo4 Replacement for Tesla Model S/X 12v Battery
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 Drop in LiFePo4 lithium battery drop-in replacement for Tesla Model S/X lead 12v battery.

One of the little ironies of the Tesla Model S and X is that despite having THE most advanced lithium battery chemistry design in the world to drive the car, they then saddle it with a weeny lead acid 12v battery that 
has proven to be THE highest failure rate component in the car.

Under warranty, this is only annoying as they will and do replace these constantly.  But after the warranty expires, you won't want to keep this unlikely situation.  Replace it with a long lasting safe LiFePo4 lithium 
12v battery.

Price: $399.00
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Tesla Model S and Model X CAN Monitor
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SavvyCAN for Tesla Model S

SavvyCAN for Tesla Model S is a Controller Area Network Capture device capable of capturing CAN data directly from the Tesla Model S diagnostics connector even at the very high data rates found on the Tesla Model S.

The system consists of a data capture and analysis program for your Windows, Linux, or Mac OSX Laptop that connects to the EVTV CAN Microcontroller device by USB cable.  The CANDue features a wiring harness with the appropriate connector to connect right to the diagnostics connector below the 17 inch display on the center console of the Tesla Model S to access CAN3 - The Drive Train CAN Bus on the ModelS

Price: $295.00
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Elon Musk Tesla BobbleHead iPhone Stand
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 Very collectible limited edition bobble head doll of Elon Musk on the Tesla Roadster.  

Doubles as an iPhone stand for your dash.
Price: $69.95

Magnetic Smartphone Holder
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This item should get a design award.  It is a small gold-toned ferrous mount that mounts easily anywhere on your dash.  It comes with two magnetic disks.  Peel the backing away and stick the disc on the back of your iPhone -  in any kind of case.

You can now place the phone in position over the Tesla logo, and it magnetically holds the phone in position with just enough strength to hold it even while bumping down the road.  The base swivels in all directions, allowing you to aim the phone as you like for optimum viewing.  But you can remove it quite effortlessly when you leave the car.

We've seen many schemes for mounting iPhones and iTablets in cars.  Nothing comes close to this one.  

Price: $19.95
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