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 Power Cords and RV Adapters

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100 ft. 15a/125v/1875w Extension Cord with Power Indicator Light
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Yellow Jacket 2806 100foot 10/3 Heavy Duty Extension Cable

Its the same question and the same answer.Have you ever plugged in to a cord and have your tool not work and wondered is it the device? is the cord plugged into the outlet? a tripped breaker?  The lighted end of this heavy duty power cord solves that problem, you know its working as soon as you pick it up.  The 10 awg won't overheat with long use like cheaper box store brands of cords. The bright yellow is highly visible so you can find it, fast and its abrasion resistant for a cord that will last. This 100 ft cord has the length for an electric lawn mower or snow blower. 

Price: $159.00
CAMCO RV 55195 50 Amp 30 ft.
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This is a 50 amp NEMA 14-50 extension cord of 30 feet.  This is the 50 ampere connector available in most RV parks and this cable extends your reach 30 feet and carries 50 amps.

Price: $149.00
Coleman01912 25 foot 10-3 generator cord
The Coleman Cable 01912 25-foot 30 Amp 10-gauge Tri-Source (locking male) generator cord plugs into 30 Amp locking outlets on a generator. The Tri-Source female end provides three extra 15 Amp standard outlets, while the vinyl jacket protects against moisture, abrasions, and exposure to sunlight.

The cord features one male 5-20P plug with three NEMA 5-15R female outlets, is rated for rugged outdoor use, and is engineers specially to work with portable generators. 
Price: $107.95

Yellow Jacket 2805 50ft 10/3 cord with indicator
Yellow Jacket 2805 10/3 Heavy-Duty 15-Amp SJTW Contractor Extension Cord with Lighted End, 50-Feet

Super flexibility in cold and hot weather Power Lite power indicator lamp glows through the extra heavy, clear molded plug when the cord has power

Extra heavy, clear molded plugs are rugged, durable and oversized

Recommended for use with heavy duty equipment and tools

Meets OSHA specifications, UL Listed

 10 Gauge.

The Yellow Jacket (R) brand is a registered trademark of Coleman Cable Inc.

 This cord is a personal favorite around the EVTV Motor Werks shop.
Price: $105.00
Coleman 25 ft 10/3 Power Cord
High visibility orange vinyl jacket, resists oil, grease, moisture, and abrasion

3-conductor, 10-gauge wire,  25ft

15-amp rating

Super capacity, hammer drill, multiple drills, large heater

Heavy-duty molded on plug ends with strain relief

Ul listed and meets osha specifications  
Price: $75.00
Camco 55025 RV Power Grip Maximizer 45 AMP Adapter
Camco RV Power Grip Maximizer Adapter gets up to 45 AMPs combined power.

It draws the combined power from a 15 and 30 AMP outlet, which allows the RV to receive up to 45 AMPs. T

his maximizer does not work when plugged into GFI type outlets. It is a polarized adapter designed solely for recreational vehicles and is not for use with any other adapter or device. T

his maximizer adapter must be used in conjunction with properly sized circuit breakers. 
Price: $51.95

Conntek YL1430520S Generator Y Adapter 30 Amp
Generator Power Cord Adapter, NEMA L14-30P to NEMA 5-15/20R, 30A 125/250V to (2) 20A 125V,

Max Power: 7500W,

Stays flexible in cold weather,

Heat Resistant up to 221F,

Clear Connector with Power indicator

Approval: Plug, Connector, and STOW: UL, C-UL Cabke 3 foot STOW 10/3 and STOW 10/4 
Price: $33.00
J1772 Holster
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 On several occasions, we've had to use an expensive J1772 inlet on our gas pump chargers etc simply to give us a place to "hang up" the J1772 power plug.  Now Joel Clemnets has tooled up to produce a low cost injection molded ABS plastic "holster" for the same purpose.

The J1772 holster has a carry on top for looping lengths of heavy cable, four holes for mounting screws, and lets you securely "connect" your J1772 power plug to keep it free of weather, dust, and insects.

Installs in minutes.  Forgive us for NOT writing a user manual for this one.
Price: $24.95
NEMA 14-50 RV  PLUG - 50 AMP
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Poor man's J1772.

This NEMA 14-50 Plug is a 50 ampere plug to connect to 50 amp 240vac service provided in most recreational vehicle parks and camp grounds.  This heavy duty  plug can be difficult to plug in and disconnect due to the large heavy duty blades. We make cables and adapters using this special heavy duty yellow version with the handle which makes it MUCH easier to plug in or unplug and safer as well.  It is also large and easier to assemble to the cables.

So this is our choice when making cables, extensions and adapters to allow use of RV facilities as charge stations.

Price: $24.95

RV Pigtail Adapter 30 amp 125v male to 50 amp 125/250 female connector
A great short term wiring "dogbone"that won't trip the breaker. Easy to plug and unplug. You can't find one any better for EV charging.
Price: $24.95
Conntek 14340 RV Pigtail Adapter
RV Camp Power Pigtail Adapter Cord, 30A 125V

RV Plug to 15/20A 125V Connector,

Clear NEMA TT-30P to NEMA 5-15/20R

Cable: 1.5FT STW 10/3

Approval: Plug, Connector, and STW: UL, C-UL 
Price: $19.99
RV Pigtail Adapter Cord-30amp 125 volt rv plug to 15/20amp 125vconnector
Almost all RV parks and outdoor electric services use this type outlet and it lets you "adapt" so you can work with a regular extension cord. In other words to what your most likely using for your Level 1 charging and it's heavy duty. Often called a dogbone it very easy to work with and a necessity if your traveling with an EV.
Price: $18.95

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