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SETEC Chademo Plug with 15ft cable
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 plug and cable.  
This plug features a heavy duty 15 foot cable and is rated for 110,000 insertions  CHADEMO
 1.0 lock/release button lights during charging.
-30C to +50C operation. 


Price: $995.00
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6.6kW High Voltage Charger
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 This is the new 6.6kW output Elcon/TCCH CAN controlled charger for batteries 110 to 440vdc. We were wowed by this in testing.  Air cooled, but the fans are so quiet you can hardly hear them.  And after 30 miinutes at 6500 watts measured output, the heat sink was not even warm to the touch.  Very cool.  Very efficient.  And now in a very OEM style aluminum enclosure with high quality connectors.  This device is CAN controlled and our Tesla Full Battery Pack controller will control it perfectly for AC grid supplement of energy to your Tesla full battery pack.

OR we suppose you could use it in an EV.  This little powerhouse is a tiny 14x9x5 inches and 24 lbs, nearly silent, runs very cool, and puts out the full 6.6kW advertised to charge twice as fast as the previous generation - at half the price.

If you are not using our Tesla Battery Pack Controller, you will need the optional TCCH CAN controller.
Price: $1,890.00
1 Yazaki CHAdeMO DC Inlet
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 Yazaki X1DT0028 Chademo DC Fast Charge Inlet.  This is probably the highest quality CHAdeMO DC charging inlet available.  Comes with 3 feet of cable.  2 power cables and 7 signal wires.  Rated at 500vdc and 120Amps.

Dampered weather cover.

This is the inlet you need to make your electric car CHADEMO fast charge capable.  Other electronics are required.  But this is where it starts.
Price: $895.00
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6.6 kW Charger for Tesla Battery Modules
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 This powerful 6.6kW charger has the perfect voltage range - 18-66vdc to charge one or two Tesla Model S modules in series and enough power to charge a large number in parallel.  It will charge to a maximum rate of 80 amperes or 6.6kW.  

It is controlled by CAN bus messages and both our basic controller kit and our Version 2 ESP32 controller already have code to precisely charge to the CUTOFF parameter you set in configuration.
500kbps CAN data rate.  Works from either 120vac or 240vac.
Price: $1,699.00
1.8 kW TCCH CAN Controlled Charger 18-66v
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 This is a great little CAN controlled charger for Tesla Model S battery Modules.  It can charge from 18 to 66 volts at up to 25 amps and 1.8kw.  Uses either 120vac (700 watts) or 240vac (1800 watts) input.  And so it is perfect for single modules charging to 25 volts or a 48v system charging to 51 volts.
Price: $595.00
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