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Cables for Brusa
Cables for Brusa NLG513

We located a few Azure Dynamics eTransit Connect wiring harnesses for the Brusa NLG513 charger.  This consists of a battery cable with 5pin connector to connect to the traction battery pack, and a mains cable with SAE J1772-2010 charge port.  These are high quality cables built for the eTransit Connect Vehicle.

The Brusa NLG513 ships with the connector parts you need to make up such cables.  These are assembled cables.

Price: $299.00
J1772 Charge Cable 40A
Make your own Electric Vehicle Charge Station.  This connector with 25 foot of 40A cable is not to be confused with the little units from China.  Made by Leviton, this is heavy duty and the real thing.

This UL Rated, J1772 Level 2 Charge Connector will accommodate up to 40A, 208V - 240V AC systems, and has the ability to connect with any J1772TM compliant Electric Vehicle.

The handle is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in the hands of any EV driver, yet robust enough to be rated at 10,000 cycles - the equivalent of 27 years of use! Features and Benefits: *Compatible with all Charging Station Standards and Recommended Practices, including SAE J1772

*Guaranteed 10,000 mating cycles - equivalent to 27 years of use! *

Drain holes prevent water from pooling inside of the connector housing, preventing against ice build-up and stagnant water accumulation.

*Ergonomically designed handle for a comfortable grip in any EV driver's hands

*Low contact resistance

*25 ft. long EV charging cable

*Cord Type EVJE - 3 X 10AWG & 2 X 16 AWG conductors  
Price: $295.00
Billet J1772 Charge Port Kit for Electric Vehicles
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Solid 6061 billet aluminum SAE-J1772-2010 Charge Port for your electric vehicle WITH the AVC2 circuit to respond to control pilot signals and proximity switch.

This device includes a relay you can use to disable your controller or perform other actions (turn on dash indicator?) whenever your car is connected to J1772 EVSE.

Complete instructions for adding J1772 charge capability to any electric vehicle.

Billet aluminum connector lasts forever and looks great on your vehilcle. Everyone wants to see "where you plug it in." Make yours look truly professional.

Make use of thousands of J1772 charge stations across the country.

Price: $279.00

J1772 Inlet with 2 meter cable 30/32A 120/240V
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High quality plastic J1772 vehicle inlet with 1.5 meter cable. Rated at 30/32A 120/240V.

Note this device does not come with any electronic/control circuitry - just the inlet and cable.
Price: $145.00
Kriss Motors AC Charge Port
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This is a standard marine grade heavy duty Marinco NEMA5-15 recessed maie electrical connector.  But it is now mounted in a deluxe billet aluminum mounting plate that can be mounted on the exterior of your car.  The weatherproof cap protects the electric connector pins, while remaining accessible for plug in charging.

With the advent of J1772 charging, we've de-emphasized these kind of make shift charging solutions in favor of the SAE standard which is stronger and more durable and safer.  But what about when you go to grandma's house?   Does she have a GE Wattstation?   By installing this additional port to your onboard charger, you can connect to any 120vac outlet using an ordinary extension cord - without adapter or apology.

The billet aluminum frame makes this connector sturdy, firmly fixed to the car, and it is more EVTV jewelry for your electric vehicle.

Designed by Eric Kriss of Kriss Motors.
Price: $119.00
Connecticut Electric 50 amp/120240 volt power outlet
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This is the exact electrical enclosure we use here at EVTV Motor Werks. It features a NEMA 3R rainproof enclosure designed to allow a cord to be used while the door is closed, how cool is that? This Connecticut Electric box is sturdy and will give you your money's worth for years of heavy use. The drop down side opening door includes a wiring diagram for easy reference and a lockable latch. All components factory wired and assembled and includes the 50 amp receptacle.
Price: $47.95

J1772 Holster
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 On several occasions, we've had to use an expensive J1772 inlet on our gas pump chargers etc simply to give us a place to "hang up" the J1772 power plug.  Now Joel Clemnets has tooled up to produce a low cost injection molded ABS plastic "holster" for the same purpose.

The J1772 holster has a carry on top for looping lengths of heavy cable, four holes for mounting screws, and lets you securely "connect" your J1772 power plug to keep it free of weather, dust, and insects.

Installs in minutes.  Forgive us for NOT writing a user manual for this one.
Price: $24.95
Leviton 50 amp Flush Mount receptacle, 125/250 volt NEMA 14-50R
Everyone knows Leviton makes quality Electrical Components and this plug is no exception. Fits all wall plates with a 2.15" diameter center hole. Easy to wire and accepts up to No. 4 AWG.
Price: $12.95

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